Filthy Angels

Rad Summer

3.5 stars

Leave it to Rad Summer co-founder Flufftronix to work up the strongest release thus far for his label: Filthy Angels, an EP of wobble-heavy dubstep tracks. Taking its name and an extended vocal sample from the ever-popular Macaulay Culkin Christmas favorite Home Alone, the digital-only release features three Flufftronix originals backed up by a remix of the title track and an instrumental dub.

Two years before its release, "Filthy Angels" received a major endorsement from uber-tastemaker Diplo and crunk icon Lil Jon. A 2009 videocast shows the duo jamming out to an early mix of the song, prompting Lil Jon to declare "that shit just make you wanna punch the shit outta some motherfucker!"

Indeed, "Filthy Angels" slams five minutes of relentlessly abrasive bass noise into the listener's face. While not the most sophisticated or original dubstep track I've heard this year, it certainly provides what the genre's fans are seeking — raw bass grooves and pounding metallic beats.

The slightly downtempo "Cunt Tongue," a collaboration with producer Figure, plods along in an undistinguished fashion, aside from the explicit porno flick dialogue samples.

The EP's closer and most interesting track, "Shark Attack," makes excellent use of a sample from composer John Williams's famous theme to Jaws. Flufftronix has stumbled onto a unique sound here, casting taut, percolating double-time drums over buzzing bass and tense string samples.

Hear: A full stream of the Filthy Angels EP (via Soundcloud)

Flufftronix - Filthy Angels EP (RS003) available NOW! by Rad Summer


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