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A new direction for the Bilinda Butchers

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Formed in 2008 and originally based in San Francisco, The Bilinda Butchers are an American band led by Michal Kepsky with accompaniment from Lukas Untersteiner, Adam Honingford, and Brock Lowry. They take their name from My Bloody Valentine's guitarist and early inspiration, Bilinda Butcher.

Their upcoming record Night & Blur is being released on May 8 by Zoomlens, and it has a completely new sound. Self-described on their website as taking musical cues from the '90s infused with drum and bass, and trip-hop yet never entirely leaving the roots of dream pop. We welcome you to the world of the Bilinda Butchers.


About the podcast, I have starting a new series where we talk with artists about the importance of life and loving those around us no matter how different they may be. It's hard. It's hard to expand what is normal to our own thoughts and opinions, but we are all people in the end, and if we don't join forces, then where will that lead us?  

Creative people have always been the driving force for our economy. They drive technology during times of war. Why aren't we taking the time to listen? Helloooooo... wake up. It's bigger than this moment right now and bigger than you and me. When you put your heart on the line and drive past public opinion, people can make beautiful things. It goes back to what Louis Nizar said, "He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist." 

I challenge you during this video/podcast to listen. Listen to the people who put their whole heart into what they create. If you do, you'll grow in ways you'll never foresee. Support the arts, beautiful things will stem from it. I promise you.

For more information about Night and Blur visit The Bilinda Butchers website and preorder from Zoom-lens.

Enjoy. <3<3<3


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