The Indiana Army Ammunition Plant, built in 1941, is believed to be the single largest abandonment in the United States. The plant spans a whopping 12,000 acres along the Ohio River between Jefferson and Charlestown, IN. The installation contains well over 1000 building and was said to have employed more than 27,000 workers. The plant was built to support the US efforts in WWII and continued to produce through the Korean and Vietnam Wars. By the end of the Cold War, all the gates and doors were closed and locked, but was said to be on "Standby Status," ready to produce ammunition in case a war between the US and USSR broke out.

Today, there are still a few buildings remaining. All in a state of being consumed by the nature around it. Marked with "XXX," waiting for their final day before they are bulldozed over. 

Photo Credit: Beth Darragh