Hundreds attended Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre’s contemporary ballet EXODUS over the weekend at the Booth Tarkington Civic Theater in Carmel. The full-length ballet was inspired by the second book of the Torah and the Hebrew Bible and tells the story of the Israelite’s delivery from slavery, the exodus from Egypt, the prophet Moses and the Promised Land.

The epic ballet featured poignant and dramatic music, powerful choreography, beautiful costumes, and inspiring theatrics. The original ten plagues were exchanged for modern day ten plagues.

Original Ten Plagues

1. Nile River Turns to Blood

2. Frogs Cover Egypt

3. Dust Turns into Gnats

4. Swarms of Flies Invade Houses

5. Diseased Livestock

6. Festering Boils on Humans and Animals

7. Thunder, Hail, and Fire Ruin Crops

8. Swarms of Locusts

9. An Impenetrable Darkness

10. Death of the Firstborns

Modern Day Ten Plagues

1. Desecration of the Earth

2. Gun Violence

3. Racism

4. War

5. Poverty

6. Crime

7. Social Media

8. Government

9. Selfishness

10. Death of the Firstborns