Web only: Urban Element celebrates fourth anniversary


Urban Element

901 Pennsylvania Ave.



When Marc Rousselle graduated from Purdue in 2003, he certainly wasn’t planning on opening a restaurant. But since the opening of Urban Element in August of 2004, Marc and his sister and business partner, Shea, have enjoyed immediate success.

“We’re very grateful for all of our regular customers,” Marc said at Urban Element’s fourth anniversary celebration last Friday, Nov. 14, featuring free appetizers and the catchy world music mixes of DJ Kyle Long. “Not many restaurants make it on the first go, so we’ve been very lucky.”

But while we appreciate Marc’s humility, it’s clear that luck has little to do his restaurant’s popularity and a lot more to do with the gourmet menu, full-service bar, regularly scheduled live music gigs, themed dance parties and continuously rotating array of hip local artwork.

In fact, considering all this, it’s difficult to pin down what Urban Element actually is: It’s a sophisticated café, a gourmet restaurant, a chill bar, a funky night club — all in the same room.

“Being situated in such a low-density residential area gives us the freedom to crank up the volume a little more on the weekends,” Marc said. “During the week, we’re a popular spot for business types who come in for our lunch prices and free Wi-Fi, but on the weekends, especially in the evenings, people come to listen to music, to drink or have a conversation, and when it gets a little later — to dance.”

For a video on this event, see nuvo.net/multimedia/#videos.


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