"Being out on the street,

meeting the public on a regular basis – that is one of the great

rewards." Chef Becky Hostetter of the Duos food truck speaks for virtually all

the operators in Indianapolis' burgeoning food truck movement when she talks

about the pleasure she finds in serving food from a roving kitchen.

But interaction with the public

is turning out to be just one of the advantages afforded by food trucks.

Relatively low start-up costs compared with regular restaurants, menu

flexibility and the ability to go where the customers are, not to mention the

ability to self-promote via social networking technologies like Facebook and

Twitter, have all played a part in the trucks' success so far.

And I did mention that people are crazy about them?

Indianapolis has embraced the

food truck experience with gusto. Hungry folks seem happy to have an option that

falls somewhere between franchise fast food and a sit-down experience in a cafe

or restaurant. Food trucks offer an alternative that's fast, but handmade and

fresh, for a reasonable price.

The dishes run a gamut in terms

of imagination and complexity, from the essential street food of tacos and

pizza, to creative vegetarian delights and brilliantly rendered desserts.

The city has also gotten on

board. An initial issue regarding an outdated law that restricted nighttime

hours appears to be on its way to resolution in the food trucks' favor. And so

far, at least, the number of local food trucks hasn't grown so large as to pose

a threat to more conventional restaurateurs.

Then there's the Super Bowl. In

the city's rush to make sure there are enough hotel rooms to accommodate the

horde of corporate football fans expected to descend on our downtown in

February, it seems the fact that we have only so many restaurant tables

available in the Mile Square was somehow overlooked.

Food trucks to the rescue! Like

the Seventh Cavalry charging in to save the day, food trucks are now expected

to play a significant part in catering to Super Bowl fans, which promises to

not only provide a valuable service on behalf of the city, but a potential

windfall for food truck operators.

A win-win, if ever there was


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