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The Jan. 6 edition of Too Many Cooks on WICR, 88.7 FM at 9:30 a.m. will feature Wayne Ashford, owner of Tea’s Me, a café located at 140 E. 22nd St. that sells tea, café fare and tea-themed gifts and accessories. He’ll talk about the growing interest in tea, health aspects and the café’s music and art events.

Fans of the Indianapolis City Market can rest assured that they’ll be able to get to their favorite lunch counters during a scheduled renovation to start at the first of the year. The bulk of merchants will be relocated to the East Wing with some remaining in the West Wing. Only the East and West Wing entrances will be open. The renovation of the historic building is slated to be completed by May. For more information and a map of the relocation, visit www.indianapoliscitymarket.com.

Terry’s New Year’s resolutions

While you’ll want to shed a few of your holiday pounds, you can’t stop eating altogether. Here are some of cuisine writer Terry Kirts’ resolutions for a very tasty year.

• Stop in at more wine tastings. More and more restaurants and wine shops are sponsoring them. And they’re usually free. So it’s a win-win situation, or maybe a wine-wine situation. L’Explorateur just started hosting one on Wednesday nights, and Oakleys Bistro has long held one of the more popular wine tastings on Tuesday nights. It’s a great way to start a weeknight.

• Eat more lunches at City Market. As described above, the market is undergoing a six-month renovation. But most of the merchants will still be serving customers, including the Barking Dog Café, Haleigh’s Cajun, Café Olivia and Judge’s Tip of the Rib BBQ.

• Dine at more overlooked eateries. I’m going to start with Caribbean Flava at 1901 E. 46th St. These friendly folks have had to cut their hours lately because of slow business, which is a great shame, not only given how tasty the food is here but how big the portions are. So, grab a friend and pop in at the Flava for lunch soon.

• Eat more within 100 miles. No, I don’t mean restaurants within 100 miles of Indy. I mean, I’m going to try to eat more items grown and harvested within 100 miles. From local eggs and dairy at Sunflower Market to the winter market at Traders Point Creamery to local wineries that fought hard last year to be able to ship their products to the summer markets come May, I’m going to get as much stuff from people I can shake the hand of as possible. If the recent e. coli infestation with spinach wasn’t evidence to get you to eat locally, just the satisfaction of investing in a great agricultural state should be.

• Keep criticism alive. Sure, you want to support the Indy food scene. But you also want it to strive to be better all of the time, to compete more and more with other cities. So, don’t keep your meal experiences to yourself. Write me at tkirts@nuvo.net to tell me about some great or not so great meals or log onto local Web sites like www.indyethnicfood.com or national ones like www.chowhound.com to let other diners know what’s going on in Indianapolis restaurants.



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