Pogue's Run Grocer names new GM

Nathan Roberts: from Grocery Manager to General Manager.

Pogue's Run Grocer's new

general manager is all about good-tasting quality food and serving the needs

of the community.

Nathan Roberts has served as

Pogue's Run Grocer's grocery manager since the store opened last December.

"When I saw an opportunity to

be part of a store that was bringing food diversity into an urban neighborhood,

I knew I wanted to work here," Roberts said.

Pogue's Run Grocer is a

project of Indy Food Cooperative, Inc., whose mission is to 'provide public

education about health and nutrition, to create neighborhood economic

opportunities through direct job creation and sourcing from local producers,

and to provide access to healthy food choices for low to moderate income

residents on the Near East side of Indy'.

The new position for Roberts

won't change his involvement with the store.

"I loved my role as grocery

manager and will still play an active role in sourcing food," Roberts said,

"but I'm excited for my new responsibilities."

Roberts knows a lot about the

grocery industry after working in it for over 10 years. His first job was

bagging groceries for a store, but for the past eight years has worked for small

locally owned businesses. He has worked with a variety of food but specializes

in natural and organic food.

Roberts said, "Natural and

organic foods taste fresher and are more flavorful."

Roberts' love for food becomes

apparent when he steps in a kitchen.

"I love food and I love to

experiment in the kitchen," Roberts said. "Working with ingredients

that you know and trust, the more fun you can have cooking."

The main focus of the store

currently is serving the community.

"There may be a few minor

changes, things that our customers likely won't even notice, but for now we

just need to keep learning about the needs of our community and how to better

serve our neighborhood," Roberts said.

Roberts has big dreams of

what he can bring and contribute to Pogue's Run Grocer.

"In my dream world, I'd be

able to grant our deli manager a salad bar, we'd be able to do some of our own

meat processing, and we'd have a rooftop garden growing produce we can sell,"

Roberts said. "Please shop at Pogue's Run Grocer so my dreams can become



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