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1 // @ZoeeTaylor

She crafts some badass pastries at Milktooth and then she shares them on her Instagram. The pastries are always beautiful and are sure to get your sweet tooth ready to head to Milktooth.

2 // @LizBiro

The food writer for the IndyStar is also an awesome photographer, plus she gets access to tons of restaurants even before they open, so you get to let your mouth water in anticipation. 

3 // @EatHereIndy

This group tirelessly promotes the Indianapolis food scene through their many channels and their Instagram is one way to see and find all of the amazing dishes being created all around the city. You should also check out everything else they do, but definitely, definitely enjoy the photos and video.

4 // @Rosstamn

Ross Harding is one of those behind-the-scenes guys that does so much for our food scene and yet you may never know it. He’s a beekeeper. He has a hydroponics operation. He forages for mushrooms and other gifts from the earth. And he supplies restaurants around the city with tons of interesting and local produce.

5 // @WheresMikeG

You never know where Mike G. is until he posts a local restaurant on his Instagram. You may find him drinking at a local coffee shop, eating brunch in Broad Ripple and having dinner on Mass Ave. Since moving to Indy in 2011 he has fully indulged in the food scene amongst other endeavors in the city.


Very Berry French Toast from @eatyolk #EatHereIndy #EGLB #EatYolk

A post shared by Mike G. (@wheresmikeg) on Jul 23, 2017 at 7:05am PDT

6 // @AshBlaeds

There’s a reason we shot an Indy’s Table episode with Aric from Ash Blaeds, he makes stunning knives right here in Indy and he takes great photos of them as well. No food here, but ask any chef and they’ll tell you a good knife is the most important tool in a kitchen.

7 // @FoodieIndy

FoodieIndy has been all over town over the past two years and it is run by Megan Louise. The former first grade teacher, who now works in social media, has been sharing her photo collections of food, adventures and travel and the every photo will make you crave a little foodie adventure of your own.


A waffle in your dreams 😎 #treatyourself #foodiendy

A post shared by Megan Louise (@foodieindy) on Jul 9, 2017 at 10:02am PDT


8 // @YelpIndy

Yelp is oftentimes the go to spot to get an overview of a restaurant and with their crowdsourced reviews and images they are able to canvas the city in a way perhaps no other IG account can. Plus, who knows, they may just ask to use your photo down the road.

9 // @JasonMichaelThomas

This chef/farmer/forager is always sharing photos of some of the most interesting foods that you can find in the Midwest. The beauty of his photos is you’ll most likely learn about some new foods and ingredients that you’ve never had before.

10 // @Alan_Sternberg

He’s the chef at Cerulean, and he can also take a mean photo. We’re guessing he’s had a few lessons from his professional photographer wife, Audra. He posts a lot of behind-the-scenes creations that he and his team come up with at Cerulean and during his dinner series Common House.


How to start the day right. #phởshow

A post shared by Alan Sternberg (@alan_sternberg) on Aug 29, 2017 at 10:03am PDT