Thanksgiving, upcycled


You'll probably end this week with a bunch of leftovers that, after a few days, won't seem as appetizing as-is. Get inspired by our tips to make something great from your turkey day refuse and post your own creations on our Facebook page. 

Thanksgiving muffins

- Roll out a canned biscuit until it’s about12 in thick

- Fill with turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing

- Pinch to seal

- Bake according to can directions in a muffin tin

- Top with leftover gravy

Thanksgiving burrito

Same as above, but roll that bitch into a tortilla instead of a biscuit. No baking required.

Leftover quiche

- Fill an unbaked pie shell with leftover turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, and some sauteed onions and white cheddar.

- Pour over 6-8 eggs beaten with about a ½ cup of milk

- Salt and pepper the quiche and bake

-Serve with a salad topped with some leftover cranberry sauce, or use your cranberry sauce in a vinaigrette

Thanksgiving croquettes

- Form a ball of leftover stuffing around leftover pieces of turkey. Around that ball, form a ball of mashed potatoes

- Roll in some kind of crunchy coating, either breadcrumbs or cereal or something

- Fry until golden brown

- Dip in leftover cranberry sauce spiked with sriracha

- Get diabetes 


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