Recipe: Blood-purifying juice


Blood-Purifying Juice

Makes: 1 glass

Known for their earthy taste and crimson red color, beets are nicely paired with hydrating watermelon in this juice to create a delicious glass of nutrition. High in iron, beets are amazing for building the blood. They are also identified as a blood cleanser, purifying and detoxifying impurities in the bloodstream. Adding a bit of burdock root to increase blood circulation, and lemon, a known liver detoxifier, this juice is perfect for preventing a cold or healing hangover.

Time duration:

10 minutes (prep, juice and cleanup)

Tools needed: Juicer (my favorite is the Green Star Twin Gear)

1 medium-large red beet

2 cups watermelon

1/2 small burdock root

1/2 lemon, squeezed

1 inch gingerroot

Handful of parsley


1. Juice all except lemon.

2. Squeeze lemon in by hand and enjoy!