Pop Ups for Pups cooks up funds for the Humane Society


You don’t have to look far in this publication to see that we’re all about the pop-ups trend happening in the Indy food scene. Chefs Night Off has been growing continually since starting this year, and pop-ups are starting to pop up both as private restaurant events and collaborative efforts between chefs and locations. More commonly, a pre-fixe menu is employed, but this time around, the CNO folks are branching out and trying a different approach—one we are very much looking forward to.

This pop-up is all á la carte, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Let me say that important part again in case you missed it:

This pop-up is á la carte.

Yes, the dream is real: you can sample dishes item-by-item and come back for your favorites all night until they run out of food. The event is slated to run until 10 p.m., but it is unlikely that the evening will last that long, once you have a look at the chefs on the docket. You’ll be able to sample dishes from Bluebeard’s Andrew Whitmoyer, Plow and Anchor’s Craig Baker, and 4BirdsBakery and H20’s Nicole Anderson.

Also making an appearance is Ben Vaughn, a southern-born chef who has found his calling as host of Food Network’s Health Inspectors. Though he’s not an inspector by training, he’s best known for being a restaurant consultant who has put in his dues in the kitchen.

The other best part of this pop-up? It’s free to get in, so just bring enough money to cover your food and booze—but look over the menu first before you go light at the ATM. Here’s what will be served:

grilled pork belly, rice vermicelli, noun cham, pickled shiitake mushroom; cold smoked sea scallop, cheddar grit cake, apple braised kale, cole slaw; curried goat walking taco, guac, cilantro creme, slaw; country style pork terrine, mustard/honey slaw, sour corn, salted popped corn;deviled egg; mustard seed caviar, duck chicharron, smoked tomato fondue duck confit cakes, sauce gribiche, preserved lemons; baked apple-pecan Baklava, bleu cheese fondant.

We asked Whitmoyer how much cash the average patron should bring with them to cover it all.

"If they want to try everything, probably around 50 plus money for drinks," he said. Of course, if you're feeling just a little snacky, bring a ten for one plate and some extra for a drink. Either way, it all supports a good cause.

So, if you’re feeling charitable on Wednesday, head to The Hi-Fi to support a great local cause in a fun way—without all the ice. 


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