LEEKED! Kentuckiana edition

Ice Bar: Okay for cold beer, better for turd doodles

  • Ice Bar: Okay for cold beer, better for turd doodles

You (probably) have never heard of it before, but Tony Boombozz is a well-established pizzeria in Lousville, Kentucky. Its newer taphouse concept is coming to Indy soon, 'round U.S. 31 and 146th.

My brief review: The pizza, or the brief example I tasted of it, is a bit underwhelming. I shared a chicken artichoke pie with some coworkers. Now, I don't remember the item's exact menu description, but it should have also said, "… and a shit-ton of cumin, which renders the rest irrelevant."

The beer lineup was decent, though. Bonus: They had Dogfish Head 75 minute. Yes, they made that up by blending the 60 and 90 minute brews — but hey, it was $4.25. BBC's Bourbon Barrel stout was on tap, too. Double bonus. We could use more BBC in Indy.

The can leave the Red Stag back in 'Tucky, though. See it tucked inside that bar-top snowman? That's part of The Ice Bar. Supposedly, that strip of ice you see is designed to keep your beer frosty. Or, the bottom of it. That's good, because you don't want the rest of your big, tasty beer taste-bud-numbingly cold.

But it looks cool. Most importantly, it offers a blank canvas for finger-doodling drunkards.

In other news, StarTribune.com reported that Landry's Restaurants announced it will buy The Oceanaire chain out of bankruptcy. Landry's owns a bunch of upscale seafood restaurants like Chart House and Muer, but it also owns Rainforest Cafe.

I asked Ryan T. Nelson, chef at our local Oceanaire, what the acquisition might mean immediately for his restaurant's menu and makeup, he said he couldn't comment. I guess we'll see.

Finally, restaurateur/master of the Twitterverse Scott Wise has a sweet deal for his artistic Twitter followers. Earlier this week he put up a tweet offering free food and drinks for a year to the winner of a Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company logo contest.

Time to whip out my design skillz. Fourthmeal, here I come.

AND REALLY FINALLY, no Kentuckiana blog would be complete a week before The Derby without a recipe for a great mint julep. So here's the recipe, with notes, from the best mixologist in the city, Zach Wilks:

As with any cocktail, balance is the key. Too much mint or simple syrup can really detract from the finished product. So here is how I do it. Always start with best ingredients available to you. I'm all about Kentucky Vintage Bourbon right now, and since it's for derby it's a good one to use. So fill a shaker with ice, pour in 2.5 oz of Kentucky Vintage, .5 Tbsp. of simple syrup and 10 nice size very fresh mint leaves. Shake the hell out of it and strain over fresh ice in a highball glass. Or, if you want to get real traditional, serve in a pewter or silver cup. Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint! I don't muddle my mint in this drink because it tends to over intensify the mint flavor, the bourbon is the real standout here. So let the ice do the bruising of the mint inside your shaker.

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