Kitchen for rent (really)

Indy's Kitchen will be for rent by-the-hour soon.

  • Indy's Kitchen will be for rent by-the-hour soon.

I have a solution for all you home cooks hard up for money. Come the summer, you too can achieve baking stardom like the local chefs of

The Flying Cupcake


The Hot Cookie


Unless you’re planning to exchange your consumable goods for Monopoly money, Indy’s Kitchen will allow you instant access to the licensed kitchen the Board of Health requires you to cook in commercially.

So far, William Powell, co-owner, says people have already signed up to use the kitchen-by-the-hour once it opens sometime in May or early June.

The space could have myriad uses: farmers market food preparation, catering space, baking. You can even rent storage rack space so you don’t have to haul your ingredients back and forth.

The kitchen has two full commercial kitchens with a shared cleanup area. One kitchen is more suited to catering setup and one is more for pastry-making. The catering kitchen has a 10-burner range with two ovens underneath, a deep fryer, food processor, mixer and more. Giant worktables are available, too.

But what excites me most is the possibility for tasting events. Powell says there’s a rentable dining room as well, so if someone wanted to have, say, a chef dinner, they could do it there.

Powell is owner of Monon Coffee Company, my favorite coffee shop in all the land. A mini version of the coffee shop will operate from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday. Cause let’s face it: Who wants to cook that early without coffee?


Indy’s Kitchen


2442 Central Ave.

Indianapolis, 46205


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