Going to New York? Make sure you hit up these places along with Mission Chinese. Over the three days I visited the city, I hit up all of these spots and can guarantee their deliciousness. 


I had heard from a NY-dwelling Italian friend that I had to hit up this place and the below-listed Pepe Rosso. And holy crap, I had two of the best dishes of my trip here: the grilled octopus and the mushroom and speck pizza, not to mention their killer gazpacho. Do not miss this place if you’re in the city.

231 Mott St, New York, 212-966-1234, emporiony.com

Momofuku Milk Bar

David Chang’s outstanding reputation for savory food is well known, but I wanted a taste of his pastry chef Christina Tosi’s side of the business. I was not disappointed. Make sure you get either a corn cookie or something frozen made with their cereal milk soft serve. I had it in a milkshake with espresso and it made me the happiest I was all Monday.

Multiple Locations, milkbarstore.com

Fung Tu

We were lucky to have USBG’s Arthur Black on the trip with us, and he took us to this fabulous little wine bar just down the street from the Beard House. Along with a great wine list, they serve delicious high-end munchies to keep you from getting too wasted. Get the duck-stuffed dates.

22 Orchard St, New York, 212-219-8785, fungtu.com

Pepe Rosso Social

This was the first place I visited in Little Italy, and I left a little piece of my heart there in a bowl of Gorgonzola-sauced garganelli with pears and spicy sausage (and took a little piece of their food home in my heart in plaque form). Not only was the pasta perfect, but I ate it while listening to the staff made of Italian brothers and cousins yell at each other in their native tongues. 73 Mott St, New York, 219-0019, peperossosocial.com


Swanky and Upper West Side-y, this spot specializes in great cocktails, from the boozy to even the virgin, and sophisticated bar munchies like the scallop crudo we enjoyed. The cocktails themselves are divided by how spirit-forward they are, so you can pull on those alcoholic reigns when you need to without having to sacrifice flavor.339 E. 75th St, New York, 212-288-8033, seamstressny.com


A cool tequila bar on the Lower West Side serves both delicious tequila based cocktails and an impressive selection of tequila smooth enough to drink all on its own. Be more careful here than your faithful reporter, though, as the tequila comes in heavy 2-ounce pours.

304 E. 6th St, New York, 212-253-5888, mayahuelny.com

Georgia’s BBQ

I noticed a messy, dripping American flag painted on a pedestrian walkway, then I smelled smoking wood and meat. I found an incredibly delicious (and fairly cheap at $24) meal of chicken wings, potato salald and a PBR. Make sure you get them sauced, or get the hot chicken sandwich.

192 Orchard St, New York, 212-253-6280, georgiaseastsidebbq.com

Holiday Cocktail

I liked this little, semi-swanky bar way too much, perhaps because it reminded me a lot of the late night vibe I enjoy at the Brass Ring after midnight. It’s similarly full of industry folks looking for a cheap place to drink, so expect to meet some friendly people.

75 St. Marks Pl. New York, 212-777-9637, holidaycocktaillounge.nyc