The food extravaganza of Dig-IN – A Taste of Indiana is Sunday, and organizers and local restaurants face a busy weekend of prep work even before the first fest-goers arrive.

Union 50, for example, will be turning 500 pounds of ground beef and pork into samples of its kimchee meatloaf. Circle City Soups will take 250 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken thighs and create chicken nachos. And Delicia will be making tacos – with a whole goat.

“Tents will go up Thursday morning,” said Dig-IN executive director Rob Gaston. “Supplies will start coming out there Friday, and from Friday night through Monday morning, we’ll have security there all night long.”

And what will the security team be doing?

“Guarding 140,000 plates,” joked Thom England, Ivy Tech Community College culinary program coordinator and one of Dig-IN’s founders. "This is a 24-hour day for some people. Even though it’s just a five-hour event, when you have to go in and get 3,500 pieces of something hot, that can start at 3 a.m.”

But there really will be at least 140,000 plates used during the Aug. 17 food fest. Here are a few more Dig-IN details.

Attendees: 4,000

Early admission tickets: 600

VIP tickets: 200

Volunteers: 340

Chefs: 44

Breweries: 18

Wineries: 7

Food artisans: 5

Number of samples prepared: approximately 140,000 (44 chefs preparing between 3,000 and 3,500 samples; hence, the need for all those plates.)

Forks: 60,000 – 15 per person

Water bottles: 14,000