Indy tastemakers and their favorite local burgers (Part 2)

The spicy and delicious Disco Inferno next to the greatest garlic fries ever from Boogie Burger.

Boogie Burger is sadly gone, and so are their wonderful garlic fries. We were so moved by this loss we were moved to poetry for these beautiful, garlicky angels.

An Ode to Garlic Fries 

Oh, garlic fries, how lovely thou were

crisp, golden skin, garlic aplenty

your oily bodice a glorious shimmer

ev'ry delicate bite, heavenly

Along with thy partners, the burgers of boogie

Through taste and scent, you're tied to our lives

Our city mourns the loss of burgers and thee

But still, we are thankful for all the great fries

Though, thou hath left this world far too soon

Your flavor lives on in the mem'ries of the tongue

When garlic wafts its scent we still will swoon

And think fondly of the savory song you sung


I travel. I eat. I drink. I meet. I record. I'm the Food & Drink Editor for NUVO and the co-creator and director of Indy's Table. I also host a weekly comedy podcast, Film Forecast and occasionally write about movies and television for NUVO.

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