Stamp Act

Is there a person not privy to a Sun King’s employee stamping his Colts loyalty on the bottom of Wee-Mac cans? Line-worker "Biscuit" took it upon himself to stamp "TOM BRADY SUX" on a run of cans. Turns out going viral has its benefits—philanthropically speaking.

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New England fans at Blue Hills Brewery followed with their can stamp response. In the meantime, Sun King’s Clayton Robinson challenged Blue Hills Brewery to a bet on the Oct. 18 Colts/Pats game. The loser will ante up for a charity of winner’s choice — with the winner matching:

Drinking up and flipping over is the newest craft beer patron’s game plan. Collectibles are on the upswing.

Flat 12 already was in the fray with Deflator Doppelbock. Here’s the memo:

Brewmaster Sean Manahan announced his plans to create the Deflategate-inspired beer last Spring. “It was in the plan to release a Doppelbock this Fall, so back in May I had the idea to brew this beer in honor of our least favorite #12, hence #Deflator. The Doppelbock style is traditionally identified with an -ator suffix, so it made sense,” said Manahan. “To launch the new beer release, Flat12 will be hosting the ultimate tailgate at the brewery for the Oct. 18 Colts vs. Patriots game.”

Tasting Red

Retired Pacer Scot Pollard inspired FLIX Brewhouse’s newly modified Satellite Belgian Red IPA with the addition of vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks to the cask. Pollard is guest firkin tapper on Aug. 27 at FLIX, 2160 E. 116th St.

“Our Satellite Red tends to be a popular choice among other brewers when they pay us a visit here at Flix. The malt recipe includes a light caramel variety along with Special B, which lends nice dark fruit flavors of figs and prunes. The hop bill features Amarillo, Cascade and Columbus bringing bold citrus flavors of grapefruit and orange along with a slight peppery quality. The Belgian yeast strain brings it all together adding fruit and spice notes that complement the malt and hop flavors. I expect the vanilla and cinnamon to play well with the malt and yeast flavors of the base beer,” offered Chris Knott, FLIX lead brewer.

If you are a regular patron of Irish Reds expect a different gift to your palate with a Belgian Red, though both are crafted to be an everyday beer. Typically, Irish Red Ales range in color from amber to dark reddish copper with a deep red tint. They're maltcentric, greeting your nose with toasted malt that then translates to a medium caramel flavor with low hop flavor and bitterness in contrast with a typical Belgian Red. Akin to Irish Stouts, Irish Red Ales finish dry. TwoDEEP brews Red Sunday Irish Red Ale. Red Carpet Irish Ale is from Union Brewing and Redrum Irish Red is from Bier.

American Red Ale, sometimes referred to as Amber Ale, is noted for a balance between malt and hops. Created on the U.S. West Coast, it’s now a regular in man Hoosier breweries. Indiana Amber is a signature Oaken Barrel year-round brew. Figure 8 created Ro Shampoo Imperial Red Ale [American Red] with a hops step up.

Indiana City "celebrates the American worker” with Red Collar, an Imperial Amber Ale brewed with Indiana-grown hops from Three Hammers Farms. Bier Brewery has Megalodon Imperial Red Ale.

In total contrast is a very different Red, Upland’s Malefactor (Gilgamesh) Flanders Red Ale, at 10.5%.

“Flanders Reds are commonly referred to as the 'red' beers of West Flanders,” explained Caleb Stanton, Upland’s director of Sour operations. “Belgian Red Beers are typically light-bodied brews with reddish-brown colors. They are infamous for their distinct sharp, fruity, sour and tart flavors that are created by special yeast strains. Very complex beers, they are produced under the age old tradition of long-term cask aging in oak, and the blending of young and old beers.

“We describe Malefactor as an Epic Flanders-style Red Ale. Our American take on the style was to make it a good deal stronger than traditional versions, being 10% ABV and greater,” “We also age the beer in previously beer-aged bourbon barrels. The previous beer aging strips a good deal of the bourbon character out, however a polite amount is left as well as the darker char notes. We age Malefactor for at least 8 months or longer in the barrels prior to packaging. Politely soured, Malefactor has aromas of dark cherries, caramel and a crisp and robust flavor profile.”

Malefactor will return at Upland in December of 2015. Most Flanders Red Ales are from Belgium.

Abundant Harvest

DIG IN takes over White River State Park, 801 W. Washington St., Aug. 30, noon-5 p.m., to celebrate the best of Indiana food and beverages with 10 wineries, 17 breweries, 24 chefs and 84 farmers sharing their zest to provide “hours of fun.”

Dig IN demonstrates a community-wide investment in Indiana food and agriculture through education, experiences and conversation to benefit our community and economy, say the founders who six years ago opened the food festival to increase awareness of Indiana’s diversity in agriculture and culinary arts, according to DIG In co-founder Chef Thom England.

Breweries include: 18th Street, Barley Island, Bent Rail, Bier, Black Acre, Bloomington Brewing, Brugge, Daredevil, Flat 12, Scarlet Lane, Sun King, Taxman, Three Floyds, Thr3e Wise Men, Tin Man, Triton, and Upland. Each brewery will be serving one beer, and it’s up to you to find the perfect pairing with the best from the chefs who create from the bounty of the harvest.

Tickets available at and at the gate.

Oktober Already?

Upland Oktoberfest will be on tap at Upland retail locations Aug. 28.

It is described as an authentic representation of a classic style, “Rich and malty without sacrificing any of the smooth, crisp character that defines true German lagers. Dark amber in color, a lightly toasted malt character is complemented with notes of caramel and toffee. A blend of three German hop varieties provides perfect balance and a clean finish to this Autumnal favorite.” 

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