BRBP — as old as NUVO

Broad Ripple Brewpub, Indiana’s first modern craft era brewpub, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a day-long party Nov. 14, 11 a.m.-12 midnight.

BRBP’s civic leadership is part of the festivities. “We’ve chosen to give back to the community on this special day,” reports the news release. “One dollar from each pint of BRBP’s four standard house beers will be donated to a different local organization: Lawnmower Pale to IndyCog; IPA to MovetoACT; Monon Porter to Broad Ripple Village Association; ESB to United Christmas Service.

Throughout the day expect special family-centric events and tastes of brews representing recipes from the past.

A brand new Celebration Ale, an English style Barley Wine and the first BRBP beer to be bottled and will be available as a collector item along with other celebratory merchandise.

We’ve already shared news about Last Day Of Camp, an Ale brewer Jonathon Mullens created using 25lbs of fermentable grains donated by 25 different Indiana breweries.

Here’s the list of beers so far according to Mullens:

1. Last Day of Camp (25 breweries collaboration)

2. ESB

3. Porter

4. IPA

5. Lawn

6. Wobbly Bob

7. DCA

8. Batch #57 Dark Wheat

9. Boro Brown

10. “Celebration Ale” (Will also be in bottles for sale starting that day.)

11. Red Bird Mild

12. Barrel Aged Red Bird

13. Barrel Aged Limping Mallard

14. The Arrival of the Angel

15. Wee Alec

“Plus a couple others I hope to have brewed and kegged off for the event but don't want to get hopes up if I run out of time to get it done,” reported Mullens when we stopped in to visit last week. Bloomington Brewing’s marketing head Marc Cady brought sharings including the sparkling tastes of Persimmon and Rooftop with newly harvested Loesch Farm hops for a tang that zings. And, as a side note, a legacy of John’s BRBP founding philosophy is the close-knit brewing community that makes Indiana unique.

Upland expands its sour ale program

“Upland Brewing Company is investing $4 million to expand its highly regarded sour ale program,” announced owner Doug Dayhoff. “This expansion includes hundreds of wood barrels and tanks and a new bottling line, all of which will be located in a freestanding cellar facility adjacent to the company’s original brewpub in Bloomington, Indiana.” The new facility is expected to be fully operational by April 2016.

Caleb Staton, Director of Sour Operations, assures us of the continued presence of the spectacular oak tank that’s been at Upland since the 2006 advent of Sours.

“Our 70 hectoliter oak tank, General Sherman, will be joined by three 40 hL oak tanks, one additional 70 hL oak tank and three new 110 hL oak tanks that are being assembled by Tonnelliere Radoux in France.,” reports Staton. “In addition to the oak tanks, we will be doubling our fleet of oak barrels as well, which includes both white oak and bourbon barrels for aging sour beer. It has been exciting to see a slow steady growth of the program, which originally started with only four oak barrels.”

Construction underway at the site will connect to the existing brewhouse via a series of underground stainless steel pipes.

“Upland began brewing sour ales in 2006, focusing first on traditional methods and recipes,” recalls Staton. “The program then evolved to include experimentation with novel ingredients and process innovations to achieve unique beers and flavors representing the character of the brewery and its location.”

Staton explains “The local climate, with its four distinct seasons and extremes of temperature and humidity, has encouraged different flavors and aromas to be expressed across the beers’ long fermentations in wood tanks. Many beers go further to incorporate local fruits that are hand-harvested by family farmers.”

“We aim for multi-dimensional, complex beers that express the interaction of grains, fruits, and different microbes, all managed with a high degree of patience and time. Ten years of exploring the sour space has taught us so much. But we learn new aspects of the process every year,” according to Upland’s President, Doug Dayhoff.

In 2016 Upland will begin limited wholesale distribution of certain sour ales. However, ultra-small batch beers will continue to be available only via a lottery system directly from the brewery. “While this expansion will increase our production by several multiples, we’re still talking about very small and limited production volumes, only 2,000 barrels,” said Dayhoff.

New brews & news

Freshness is the mandate for craft brewers. Keeping track of longevity for best quality is an unspoken contract between makers, distributors, retailers and customers. Daredevil’s announcement of an upgraded dating system is a reminder to pay attention for a reason other than checking out levity on the canning and bottling line. “From a quality perspective date codes are good for everybody,” said Daredevil co-founder/brewer Michael Pearson in an email to Beer Buzz. “They assure cans of Daredevil Brewing Co. beer are clearly identified, which leads to more consistent inventory rotation in market. Until recently, we used a price gun to provide a "sell by" date on our 4-pack cans and case trays to achieve this goal. With the brewery expansion and equipment upgrades we now have the ability to provide a packaged on date and sequence code for each canning run. The ink can't be easily removed or obfuscated. We strive to keep beers like Lift Off IPA the freshest available throughout Indiana and especially in Indianapolis. Adding date-codes to each can is a quality control step that helps make that possible.” For consumers, keeping track of what’s in the fridge is our part of quality control. More on that to come.

Bloomington Brewing’s Ruby Bloom is on tap at HopCat. It pours a rich red-amber hue and delivers a hint of sweetness with its smooth mouthfeel.

TwoDEEP new on tap: Pants Party Smoked Bacon Porter and Jolly Old Stout. Mug Club is launching this week. Now in cans: TwoDEEP Brickhouse Roasted Amber, Lake IPA, Knight Stick Cream Ale and Red Sunday Irish Rd Ale.

Chilly Water advises to “Look for some new beers and past favorites, including a Belgian Dubbel and a Dry Stout. Going into the fermenters in the next couple of weeks for December releases will be a Winter Ale spiced nicely and a Big Breakfast Stout. Last month Dan brewed Batch 100, a Strong Scotch ale with an ABV in the low teens. Long Black Veil will be included in our new bottle program—we will release 2 or 3 beers a year. The first in the series will be our Oak Aged Belgian Strong called Krampus.” Chilly Water’s new food menu includes Sweet Home Chicago [Chicago Style Hot Dog], Big Me Italian Beef, two new Panini's, a new hummus and a pizzadilla.

Redemption Alewerks debut of BOOM BABY! Brown Ale, comes with the tag, “Like #31, BOOM BABY! Finishes smooth, crisp and clean.”

Blind Owl guest beers on tap: Upland Wheat Ale and Taxman Heaven Golden Strong Ale. Taxman De Fallt is in bottles.

Oaken Barrel reports: “Our award winning seasonal Pumpkin beer is on tap. This beer won the Best of Show at the State Beer Competition, and one judge described as a

“liquid pumpkin pie.” This complex beer with cloves and spices has flavor bigger than my head,” quips OB owner Kwang Casey.

Upland’s Easy Chair Amber Ale is now on draught and in six packs. Amber Ale has an easy drinking malt to hop balance that is nearly even, slightly leaning toward malt flavors of nutty, light caramel, toasty and biscuity, balanced by perceptible English hop character.

Half Moon’s new seasonal, Righteous Raspberry Wheat is a pink-hued light and fruity American-style Wheat beer with sweet red raspberry flavor.

On tap at Patrick’s Kitchen, 175 S. Main St., Zionsville: Black Acre Intruder, Bloomington Brewing Simcoe Kid, Bier Belgian Blonde, Taxman Bier de Garde, Three Flodys Gumball Head and Upland Harvest IPA and Teddy Bear Kisses.


Nov. 4: Triton Brewing Company, 3-10 p.m. Tapping Gingerbread Brown, a spiced brown ale.

Nov. 5: National Stout Day. Amber-hued Stout is an Ale originating in Ireland—think Guinness. American Stouts have plenty of roastiness and sometimes a tinge of caramel, always balanced by American hops. Room temperature brings out complexity of flavors.

Nov. 5: Rock Bottom Downtown 6-7 p.m. Brewer’s Happy Hour—chat with Jerry Sutherlin about his latest brews.

Nov. 5: Ash & Elm Cider pouring samples of several styles of cider at Best Bite of King Park event 5:30-9:00 p.m., Harrison Center for the Arts, in support of the King Park Development Corporation.

Nov 7: Learn to Homebrew Day at Brew Link Supply,1139 S. Shelby St. All-Grain Brewing demonstration. Invite includes harvesting Centennial, Chinook and Cascade Hops at the shop “for free to use in your own recipe or with Brew Link kit.”

Nov. 7: La Pour Brew Fest at the La Porte Civic Auditorium, 1001 Ridge St, La Porte, 1-4 p.m. More at

Have you heard…

Iechyd Da Brewing Co. brought our attention to an essential aspect of beer punnery, to wit: “When you drink a beer from one brewery out of glassware from another brewery that’s beer glash.”

In that case, would a mixup with a koozie require an ex-koozie?

So what have you observed from your spot on a bar stool that requires a bit of word funnery? Let me know at or feel free to respond on-line with this column.

Indy-based travel writer Elizabeth Musgrave brought attention to an Oct. 28 post of Thrillist. Writer Andy Kryza created a map of “the best brewery in every state.” Kryza posits, “Truth be told, 3 Floyds is dangerously close to being an Illinois brewery, operating just over the border in Munster and possessing strong ties to the Chicago area. Sill, it remains an Indiana brewery, and even with other strong Hoosier contenders like Upland, Sun King, and emerging 18th Street, the choice wasn't all that difficult. If you know beer, then you know all about Zombie Dust and Dark Lord Day, and you also know that it's working on an expansion that'll bring the world more beer, as well as a 3 Floyds move into the whiskey game.”

Andy Kryza was born in Michigan, defected to Oregon. He’s welcome to visit and taste Indiana’s range of splendid beers.


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