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Sun King highlights "Green" with their newly installed canning line,

joining some 75 other eco-friendly craft breweries across

Sun King highlights "Green" with their new canning line,

joining some 75 other eco-friendly craft breweries across the U.S. for whom

Guinness is the poster product for draft brews delivering good quality in cans.

Having taste-tested Sun King's Osiris Pale Ale and their 2010 Great American

Beer Festival Silver Medal Sunlight Cream Ale in cans after drinking the brews

on draft, I'll attest to the excellence of flavor from both. Craft lovers

pretty much depleted the first run of 16-fluid ounce cans packaged as 16 in a

case and as four-packs during the April 2 release event at Sun King's Downtown

Indianapolis brewery.

"With the two greatest enemies of beer being sunlight and

oxygen, cans keep beer safe in a way that no bottle can," says brewer Clay

Robinson. "This greater protection combined with the reduced weight for

shipping and greater recycle-ability of cans make it an environmentally

friendly solution for the distribution of Craft Beer."

Robinson and fellow brewer Dave Colt are intent on

maintaining their ability to deliver beer to 70 restaurants in the area already

serving Sun King on draft while keeping a supply of freshly canned products in

stores and for sale at their brewery, which is also a destination place for

craft lovers of fresh beer carried out in growlers.

Colt says another advantage of beer in cans is its

acceptance at sports venues, where bottles are not allowed. Sun King expects to

have Osiris and Sunlight for sale at Victory Field beginning with the 2010


Other News:

Rock Bottom Downtown's "Catcher in the Rye"

features a clean, crisp, refreshing rye beer with a tart hops opening,

full-bodied middle and refreshingly smooth finish. Totally opposite from the

RyeNocerous brew at Rock Bottom College Park, which opens sparkling, palate cleansing

bright, meets hops halfway and closes with gentle tongue tartness. Both are

beautifully balanced, satisfying the palate in different directions.