Winter beers are debuting across Indiana to warm and delight us.

Upland's Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA, a well-balanced, dark, bitter has an ABV of 6.5%. Charles Stanley reports "Upland brewed this IPA with a base of fresh Pilsner Malts and darkened the color with pure Black Malts, creating a clean malt character that allows the liberal hop additions to shine through. Komodo is dry hopped and aged with a pinch of lavender to add to the overall aromatic experience." Why Komodo Dragonfly? Stanley's story: Pets have disappeared from boats anchored overnight on Lake Monroe, hikers report unusual noises including one man institutionalized after claiming an attack by a "flying dinosaur." "During our annual "Camp Upland" outing on the lake, several of our own staff saw the beast at about 2 a.m. by the light of the moon — roughly six feet long, with large, leathery wings, gliding silently back and forth above the southeastern shoreline. The camp manager remarked, "You take 100 gallons of beer to a campsite and expect us to believe you saw a flying lizard later that night?" We know what we saw." For purchase locations contact Charles Stanley at or (812) 336-2337 ext. 202.

Sun King's newly released Crab Apple Wit, a bright sweet-tart balance for pairing with appetizers and desserts, is an homage to Johnny Appleseed, who preceded settlers in Indiana territory and planted orchards to have apples ready for them to brew beer even as they were putting up a cabin and clearing land.

Dave Colt describes the Crab Apple Wit as "a delightful Belgian wheat enhanced with locally grown crab apples (basic roots growers) accenting the tart apple flavor of the beer. It also has a hint of allspice and a crisp dry finish. 5.6% abv and 15 IBU's help to round out the overall complexity of this delicate wheat beer."

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