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Another record crowd overflowed Opti

Park and the added Indiana Brewers' Garden on the grounds of the Indianapolis

Arts Center to sample craft brews and raise funds for the Leukemia &

Lymphoma Society and Optimist International, along with what's left to share

between Brewers of Indiana Guild and the Art Center. Event organizers estimated

attendance at approximately 500 VIPs, 4,400 general admission and 300

designated drivers. General consensus

for the 15th annual Microbrewers Festival: The added space shortened lines, but maybe not

enough. There were Porta-potties a-plenty. Food

vendors were on-the-mark; and, as always, the brewers and distributors who pay

for their booth space, drive long distances, and contribute staff time and

their finest wares, chatted as best they could one-on-one for an up-close and

personal experience. At least one patron flew in from California, another was

newly arrived from New York and many came from states between. Guests from

Great Britain chatted from a global outlook and savvy texting, Twitter and Facebook

enthusiasts were communicating one handed above the din, never spilling a drop

from the commemorative glass held in the other hand. Last year's promo quiz for

"True Brew" spawned a scavenger hunt with fifteen questions on the program's

back cover. Many asked about the well-being of Andrew Lewis and when Brass

Monkey would be back. "It's our family re-union," commented one of a group

stopping to check out the book. "We meet up every year." Most poignant perhaps,

was the request for an inscription to a friend who passed away. "He was so

proud of our brewers."


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