Beer Buzz


American Craft Beer Week May 17-23 celebrates small and

independent craft brewers:

Some Indianapolis events:

Rock Bottom Downtown 4-course Chef and Brewer's dinner, May

18, 6:45 p.m. pairs Cerveza Especiale [this newly tapped Cinco de Mayo brew has

a wonderful sweetness which dries out in the finish] with fresh spring soup;

Catcher in the Rye [reviewed in Beer Buzz as refreshingly crisp] with Shrimp

Bruschetta; Liquid Sunshine with Balsamic glazed salmon; and World Beer Cup

winning Subzero with chocolate mousse. For reservations call (317) 681-8180.

Barley Island Broad Ripple "brewery tour" Sunday

Brunch Menufeatures

"Mash-In" Egg Faves, "Sparging" Sandwiches,

"Brewkettle" Omelettes, "Whirlpool" Pancakes,

"Fermenation" French Toast, a kids menu and a la carte items.

Everything is under $10.

BI specials at BR and Noblesville include:

May 14, 6:00 p.m. tapping of 60 Schilling Scotch Ale/May 17

& 23: Regular Pint nights, all BI beers/May 18: $3 pints Flat Top Wheat

Ale/May 19: $3 pints Dirty Helen Brown Ale/May 20: $3 pints BarFly IPA/May 21:

$3 pints Blind Tiger Pale Ale/May 22: $3 pints Sheet Metal Blonde/May 17-22

Growler refills will be $6.50 and NEW Growler fills will be $10!

They invite signing the Declarations of Beer Independence


"I declare the beer I choose to enjoy is not a

commodity, but more importantly an artistic creation of living liquid history

made from passionate innovators."

Brugge is celebrating its fifth birthday with their

legendary Diamond Kings and the new Spider. Rodney, in the May 4 Hoosier Beer

Geek report: "If you're a fan of lambics and sours and enjoy their underlying

complexity, Spider offers up an enjoyable pairing of sour yeast, Belgian fruits

and chocolate undertones. "

For other events around the state go to www.AmericanCraft