Pretty Nice Guys Brewing

The three men and a dog behind Pretty Nice Guys Brewing Co.

I recently ran into Aaron Koerner at Tom Tap. Having not seen him for a few months, and aware of changes in his brewing status, I asked, “What’s happening?”

“Starting a new brewing operation,” he replied, in his usual low key demeanor. “With two other guys.”

It took a few months for the details to get ironed out, but I was recently able to speak with Aaron about his new project via email. Aptly named Pretty Nice Guys, Aaron and his partners plan on producing simple, quality brew.

NUVO: In a pint glass, what's the Pretty Nice Guys story?

Koerner: We’re basically three dudes who aren’t happy with our jobs or the beer culture in the city currently. We want to make consistent beer that’s good every time. Beer for the people like us, who sort of felt like our tastes were ignored or done in half assed ways before.

NUVO: Beers you will brew to launch--why these choices?

Koerner: The first beer we will release is an American pub ale called “Low Boy.” We chose this style because it’s definitely the best beer we make, and it’s what we’ve been making to drink ourselves for years. Beyond that, we feel like it’s a perfect change of pace for people who don’t want an IPA or domestic lager.

NUVO: Where and when will your beers be available?

Koerner: We’re shooting for a late December release for Low Boy. We have a few bars lined up right now. One being Columbus Bar in Downtown Columbus, Indiana. We’re shooting to be in a few places on Mass Ave. and Fountain Square to start, then grow organically throughout the state.

NUVO: What is your plan of operation, your philosophy?

Koerner: We are operating out of PowerHouse Brewing Co. in Columbus, Indiana through an alternating proprietorship. Basically contract brewing, but we do the work. We felt like it was a low-risk/high reward way of starting this venture, because really, we are starting with next to nothing besides experience. PowerHouse makes awesome beer, and we’re lucky to know them. We really appreciate them taking a chance on us.  

NUVO: How does Pretty Nice Guys fit within the spectrum of already established craft breweries?

Koerner: We want to avoid the one-upsmanship of styles and trends. Like Doubles, Triples, Imperials. We want to swing the pendulum back the other way and simplify it some. What’s wrong with having a quality beer with no gimmicks?

NUVO: Are you a production brewery with a taproom for tasting, or a brewpub, or will you move around to other locations to introduce your craft products?

Koerner: We will eventually have a tap-room down the line. As of now we will be distributing to different bars around the city.  

NUVO: What else does the public need to know to be enticed to try yet another new brewery?

Koerner: We get that the beer market is pretty saturated around Indy. We hope that if you see our tap handle at your favorite spot, you’ll give Low Boy a try. You can find Pretty Nice Guys Brewing on Facebook and Instagram.