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By Rita Kohn

TwoDEEP taps gold-hued Maibock on Oct.15 at 3 p.m., sparking Fall with a taste of Spring. Andy Meyer's 19 Days Maibock became a favorite at tasting parties as plans for the brewery progressed. But why a sunny Maibock when darker, earthy brews are in vogue? Meyer says he wants to continue the euphoria of the Aug. 2 opening at 714 N. Capitol. Within steps of the Cultural Trail, TwoDEEP reflects the "why not" philosophy of Gene and Marilyn Glick. Meyer doesn't feel constrained by the usual in the brewing of craft Lagers.

"Traditional Lagers have depth that has been dumbed down in the current craft beer industry. I put that depth back for fuller flavor. The yeast pushes, malt supports, hops come along without overtaking," he explains.

19 Days which has been lagering since August, got its name from Meyer's need to mitigate neighbors' impatience. "The first time I brewed it I was not sure how long it actually would take and I jokingly said 19 days. They showed up on the 19th day and I kept telling them 'oh it's going to be another 19 days.' And it kept going from there, until it was ready," closer to 90 days. Expect a brew with a bold malt and a waft of spicy hop aroma, a long-lasting head that makes lace pictures as you drink and an upfront creamy malt mouthfeel giving way to a clean, dry finish with a spicy noble hop lift. Prost to Maytime!

A Taste-full Roundup

At Rock Bottom College Park Nathan Scruggs shares sparkling sunny My Little Pumpkin Ale with a balanced touch of cinnamon and vanilla bean surrounding a large dose Trader Joe's pumpkin. Coming up Oct. 15 is a secret IPA followed by an Amber Ale. At Rock Bottom Downtown Jerry Sutherlin's Rocktoberfest is richly nuanced with malt depth, layered flavors and a clean finish.

Scott Ellis delivers a hops-dominant It's 8AM Somewhere at RAM; his Oktoberfest is very crisp.

Oaken Barrel's Apple Buzz surfaces Oct. 20 at 11 a.m. Owner Kwang Casey reports "it has more crisp apple flavor than previous in years," according to fermenter-samplings by Alan Simon's brew team.

BRBP's new Autumn Amber is similar to their various Groundhog ambers; John Treeter's Oktoberfest features tartness and taste of caramel; Tart Lizzie is a fruity Belgian Sour; Bobbly Wob is a notch above Wobbly Bob; the Porter is dark, full-bodied.

8 Mile Michigan Cherry Wheat radiates a light tartness for this Belgian-style wheat fermented with [yes] Michigan tart cherries by Kelly Tomlinson's brew team at Thr3e Wise Men.

Ray Kamstra reports Indiana City's Death By Pumpkin features "180 pounds of pure pumpkin mashed into a diverse lineup of kilned malts, added a healthy dose of brown sugar to the boil, then spiced the fermented beer through cold-infusion with all-natural freshly cracked allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg and whole Madagascar vanilla beans."

At Flat 12, Rob Caputo's team brewed "a special blend of Indian(a) spices and pumpkin to shine through just enough to complement our slightly sweet and malty Flat Jack Pumpkin Ale."


Oct.17 6 p.m.: Pioneer craft brewer Jack McAuliffe's New Albion Ale re-launch is at Platform Beer Company, 4125 Lorain Ave, Cleveland. 44113. Call 216-202-1386 or for @clevelandbeerwk Re-launch Event at Platform Beer @ dougtrattner

Oct. 21, 6:30 p.m. "A Brewer, a distributor, a retailer and a consumer walk into a bar" is the topic of Indy Beer Talks at Tomlinson Tap Room.

Exam on Nov. 22. LAST CALL for the BJCP Study Group, required for the Exam. More at:


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