It's a thing of perfection. From the crisp left by a fiery hot grill, flattop or skillet, to the juicy, tender meat the fresh, colorful toppings, and the soft, slightly crisp bread, a burger is damn near … sexy.

There are those across this great state who would argue to the death about which burger is best and for which reasons. But, I am here to tell you, there is no harm in enjoying any burger, especially those made with care. Whether it's simply a patty between two sesame seed buns, some lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and your condiments of choice, or a decadent creation with a brioche bun and hard-to-pronounce toppings, there truly isn’t a wrong way to enjoy a burger.

To dissect the wonder of the almighty burger in its many forms, I’ve gathered thoughts on our favorite hand-held meat snack from some of Indy’s top tastemakers. This group of chefs, restaurateurs, brewers, bartenders and people-that-just-happen-to-love-a-good-burger prove there isn’t just one wonderful burger in our city, but a vast array for you to enjoy …

NUVO is celebrating Burger Week June 20 – 26. How? We sweet-talked a pack of the best Indy restaurants into offering $5 burgers all week long. That's right. Five buckaroos. Burger Week is also a fundraiser for Second Helpings, because everyone deserves to eat.

On to the burgers:

Indy Burger Week is June 20 - 26 and we will be sharing with you some of the best burgers around the city according to industry insiders and Indianapolis tastemakers, all week long. This is Part 2 of 5. 

Eli Laidlaw, Sous Chef at Plat 99

“I’d have to say my favorite burger in Indianapolis is still the Room 4 Burger from Recess. I’ve made hundreds of them there, which should make me not like them, but they’re so damn good I can’t help it. Dijonnaise and roasted tomato make it awesome.”

Josh Gonzales, Owner/Manager at Thunderbird

“The burger at Workingman's Friend is without a doubt my favorite in town. It's an exercise in simplicity. The thinly press charred patties make this classic double cheeseburger the standard bearer in Indianapolis. Forget the overdone massive burgers topped with fried eggs, bacon, a pepperoni pizza slice and tater tots. Eschew those overwrought monstrosities pretending to be burgers and enjoy the uncomplicated nature of the Workingman's Friend double cheeseburger. It's everything a hamburger should be.”

Audra Sternberg, Social Media and Marketing Manager at Cerulean

“Indy is killing the burger scene right now, but I would have to either pick the Goatsnake from Kuma's Corner, because who doesn't want a lemon and goat cheese burger, or the Scratch Burger from Scratch Truck.”

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 . . . 

I travel. I eat. I drink. I meet. I record. I'm the Food & Drink Editor for NUVO and the co-creator and director of Indy's Table. I also host a weekly comedy podcast, Film Forecast and occasionally write about movies and television for NUVO.

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