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The Nonstop Life of Bob Saget

The longtime entertainer visits Indy for two nights of stand-up

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The Nonstop Life of Bob Saget

Bob Saget has always been a man of many talents. While visiting Indy to perform stand-up this weekend, for example, he can also be seen on CMT hosting a brand new game show called Nashville Squares.

“Nov. 1 is when Nashville Squares starts at 8 o’clock / 7 Central. So there you go. That’s how much I value watching myself on TV,” he says with a laugh.

On Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, Saget will perform a total of four intimate headlining sets at Indy’s Helium Comedy Club with support from longtime friend Mike Young. In addition to Nashville Squares and his busy stand-up schedule, Saget’s other upcoming projects include an America’s Funniest Home Videos-style show on ABC called Videos After Dark, as well as a documentary about actor/comedian Martin Mull.

Saget calls me while driving between shows in Boston and New York. The day of our conversation happens to be one day after the NBA season’s tip-off. So naturally, I ask if he’s a basketball fan.

“I am if I’ve got really good seats,” he says, laughing. “I’m kind of a doofus. I even had to play basketball in a TV movie I was in, and I just couldn’t do it. There was a Russian player who would kick himself in the butt with his feet when he made a jump shot. That’s how I make a jump shot, so they had to shoot me above the waist.”

Eventually, we get to talking about Nashville Squares — the Hollywood Squares-style, CMT series he’s hosting. In addition to telling me he’s a fan of all kinds of music (including country), Saget also reminds me of past comedy bits he’s done that fit into the country music vein.

“It’s like, ‘Why you?’ And I’m like, ‘I write a lot of country music in my stand-up, so it’s normal,’” Saget says of his role on the show. “I’ve been doing it for years. There’s one that was on HBO in my special That Ain’t Right. The song was ‘My Dog Licked My Balls,’ which was a country song.”

Staying on the topic of television, Saget and I discuss his upcoming TV series Videos After Dark — a show that he’s hosting, writing, and executive producing. After a first-look premiere in 2019, Videos After Dark is scheduled to make its way onto ABC in early 2020.

“It’s all the videos we could never run [on America’s Funniest Home Videos],” Saget says. “It’s a little bit more for adults — I don’t want a 5-year-old watching it.”

“If you have two guys in Russia with Tasers trying to electrocute each other with their shirts off, I don’t think you want kids to see that,” he continues. “I don’t think I’d want anyone to see it, but it’s funny as hell and I do the voices of the Russians.”

Another Saget project in the works includes a documentary he’s directing on actor/comedian Martin Mull, which will feature interviews with Steve Martin, Norman Lear, and Eric Idle. According to Saget, Mull made a lasting impression on him as a youngster.

“When I was 17 in Philadelphia, I saw Martin Mull perform at The Main Point, and it was called ‘Martin Mull and His Furniture,’” Saget says. “What he would do was get a U-Haul, and he would bring his furniture with him on the road and have it there on stage so he felt at home. That’s just crazy. It’s so great that he did that.”

As for his trip to Indianapolis, Saget looks forward to stopping by The Bob & Tom Show, who he says are longtime supporters of his work.

“I love them,” he says of Bob & Tom. “They’ve been supportive of me for 30 years. I was on their show from the beginning of the video show [America’s Funniest Home Videos] and Full House, and they just kind of got me.”

When it comes to his performances at Helium Comedy Club in Indy, Saget says he’ll be working on some material for a new special.

“The stand-up tour is constant because I’m loving it more than ever,” he says. “People get to hear new stuff, and I get to share myself with ‘em. It’s pretty significant to be able to do that.”

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