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State Fair Day 8

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State Fair Day 8

Today was a longer than usual work day – I arrived at Second Helpings and 6:30 am and left 11 hours later. I love my job and there never seem like enough hours in the workday and I hate to admit it, but I was tired. When I arrived at the Fairgrounds my plan was to take a quick whip around and be home in an hour. 


My timing has been off and I hadn’t managed to see Dick Reel, my favorite Pioneer Village person, yet. I was thrilled to see him in his woodworking spot. The first thing he said to me was, “would you like to ride in the parade?” 

Heck yes! 

My love of Pioneer Village, and the people that give up over two weeks of their summer to entertain us, is no secret. Since I was in my work dress and didn’t look very pioneer-y, the women quilters loaned me an apron and bonnet – how generous is that? 

I got to ride behind a miniature tractor made by Ron M. He and his lovely wife Karen, are at the Fair for all 17 days, bringing two tractors and working/volunteering in Pioneer Village. They even bring a camper and sleep next to the Fairgrounds. While that sounds like a lot fun, I’m sure it is also a lot of work also. 

Karen drove her own tractor in the parade and Dick drove the other. Ron and I sat on the cart behind and Ron trailed a walking wooden duck behind us. My face hurts from grinning and laughing so much as we puttered around the Fairgrounds. My favorite part was when Dick did a dance from his seat as we rounded the corner on to Main Street. 

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, the trio invited me to eat with them at the Dairy Bar –and ride on the back of Ron and Karen’s golf cart! I enjoyed a delicious supper of a grilled cheese and chocolate ice cream – don’t tell Weight Watchers – and great company. 

After dinner they dropped me back off at Pioneer Village. I walked over to see the bunnies near the Mac Reynolds Barn – they have doubled in size since I saw them earlier in the week and are venturing out from their nest. I had a nice chat with Michael Lawson. I’m lucky to have so many Fair friends. We might not see each other for a year, but we pick right up at Fair time. 

Next stop was the Free Stage. I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about with Lance Bass’s POP 2000 tour. I was thrilled to see Rebekah and Hannah and be enveloped in a giant hug from the sisters. And they were just the people to explain who O-Town, Aaron Carter, Ryan Cabrera and Tyler Hilton are. Rebekah even got to meet Ryan before the show. I loved seeing them – and the whole crowd – dance to the songs. 

For record, my planned hour at the Fair turned into five. It was another stellar evening at the Indiana State Fair. 

Nonprofit director by day and music fan and State Fair junkie by night.