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State Fair Day 7

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It was storming to beat the band at the State Fair Thursday evening. I hate the icky weather for the Fair and the fairgoers, but I think the grounds look beautiful after the rain. I handed my phone to a passerby to snap the daily photo of me making the “i” in “fair” in front of the giant blowup Spiderman at the north end of Main Street. As I walked towards the letters, realized that Spidey was deflated and ran to help. I’m not sure what I thought I was going to do to revive him, but I was on it! 

My goal for today’s trip was to see KC and the Sunshine Band on the BetIniana Free Stage. Just typing those words makes me think I should turn in my punk rock cred card, but I don’t care. I’ve come to appreciate all sorts of music. I still can’t dance, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sway to the hits. And we can all use a little sunshine in our lives. 

In spite of the rain there was still a big crowd waiting for the show. The weather delayed the start by about 45 minutes, the State Fair sound and stage crew were heroic in whooshing the water off the stage and setting up driers. I started out in the photo pit with other photographers – then word came down that the band wanted us on the other side of the fence. Fair enough – it’s their choice. I didn’t want to stand in front of the wheelchair folks or the people that had been standing there for hours in the rain. I was lucky to find a spot in the middle of a puddle that was pretty close. I was glad I had on my rain boots

As KC (Harry Casey) said, “There ain’t no party like a KC party!” He’s right – he’s written dozens of Billboard charting pop and R&B songs. The stage show is great fun – a giant disco ball, dancers, fog, and KC. All and all, a great evening of music. 

I trekked back to my car via the Pioneer Village way. I’m finding the stupid was-broken ankle is really slowing me down and the walk was painful. I distracted myself my having an ear of roasted sweet corn and an ice cream cone for dinner. It really did help. 

Nonprofit director by day and music fan and State Fair junkie by night.

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