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State Fair Day 2

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State Fair Day 2

I managed to get to the Indiana State Fair twice today. I was invited to a midmorning Bar Mitzvah and wasn’t sure of how the timing would go, and I wanted to be mentally present in the beautiful ceremony and not worried if I’d make it to the Fair between the celebration and working at the Red Key at 5:00.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I drove both times. I’m recovering from a broken ankle – I’m out of the boot, which elicited great sympathy and I am now wearing a splint, which just looks like a poor fashion choice.

I parked at the gate across from the Fairgrounds at the same time as a lovely Japanese family visiting Indianapolis. I happily helped them navigate buying tickets and steering them to the animals and Pioneer Village and circling things on the map for them to visit. Once again, I wondered if my enthusiasm for the State Fair borders on the creepy side.

Fair new additions

After spending time with the family, I walked to the Indiana Arts Building to check on some of my entries that I’d forgotten to look for the day before. I enjoy entering things in the antiques division. Not that I own anything particularly valuable – two of the things I entered this year were borrowed from Dad’s living room. A bowl I purchased from a thrift store won the third place ribbon in its category and a wall calendar I purchased at an auction also placed third. I can’t even say that I have a good eye for what will do well – with the exception of ugly lamps.

For my second visit of the day I had a friend in tow so of course, I had to drag him to the Indiana Arts Building to show off my ribbons. We also looked at the photographs and quilts and artwork displayed in the building.

I got my first sweet corn of the Fair. I’m always so excited about the corn that I don’t let it cool down enough before I eat it. I decided to try to the corn in a cup (I think all corn stands offer it for a dollar extra). It wasn’t the same. I’m going back to eating it from the cob, dripping butter be damned. 

 New this year is a wine garden, serving Indiana wines. It’s located next to the Agriculture-Horticulture (Ag-Hort as folks call it) Building. Make sure you have your ID ready.

My friend’s go-to Fair food is the walleye sandwich from the food truck behind the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Building. It’s also a great place to watch the Habitat to Humanity building action.

Fair wine garden

I also got to take my first tractor tram ride of the Fair. For a mere buck, you can ride all the way around the Fairgrounds and meet some interesting folks along the way.

I’ll see you there!

Nonprofit director by day and music fan and State Fair junkie by night.

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