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In the past, I’ve been inclined to avoid movies like Dark Waters because there have been so many of them; Silkwood, Norma Rae, A Civil Action, Erin Brockovich and countless others.   You know the genre.  Valiant crusader confronts evil corporate America at great risk to their career, friends…

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The way movie trailers work is that studio execs brainstorm strategies for getting butts into theater seats. Clips and a synopsis of what they want the preview to accomplish are then sent to companies that produce the final trailer. 

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The opening scenes of Zombieland: Double Tap play like the production might be the premier episode of Zomblieland: The TV Show. When Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg appear immediately following the opening credits they seem less like characters in a movie and more like actors walking ont…

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Generally, if someone asks me what I think of a movie as I’m leaving the theater, my response is “I don’t want to answer that question right now.” I need time to process most films and don’t like to get boxed in by a knee-jerk reaction.

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One sure sign that Baby Boomers are aging rapidly and as one big lump is the proliferation of “what comes after” movies and TV shows.  “What’s beyond the beyond” and “is anybody out there” are just variations on the “what does it all mean” theme.  Hollywood apparently believes there’s money …

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