Review: Jon Lajoie's misogyny and dick jokes

Comedian Jon Lajoie

  • Comedian Jon Lajoie

Jon Lajoie’s (pronounced La-zhwa, not La-Joy) onstage manner is immature, selfish, misogynistic — in case you hadn’t guessed, he is a complete asshole.

His outrageous persona is supported by offensive song lyrics, dick jokes and Internet videos like “Not Giving A F%$#” and “The Bastard Break Up.” The satirical ruse draws in a wide audience, from the beefed-up muscle heads that think Lajoie actually believes women are only good for cooking, cleaning and laundry, to feminist groups that understand his heinous jokes are shedding new light on social issues.

But sexist jokes were not the entirety of his set. During his seventy minutes onstage at the Athenaeum last week, Lajoie managed to cover the mentally handicapped, homosexuals, racism and infidelity, even working in a Catholic priest sexual harassment bit.

Structured and well-delivered, Lajoie maintained a conversational and approachable persona throughout the show, which clearly worked to his advantage in the large theater and made it to feel more intimate, like an underground comedy club.

The stand-up chunk of Lajoie’s show was a satire of the genre in general. “I hate stand-up comedians.,” he said. “All they do is get onstage and bitch about things that piss me off. That pisses me off.”

Pissed off or not, he delivered a solid live show — his first in three months — complete with classic Lajoie asides, such as “I already have a lot of STDs, thank you,” and “I’m super stoned right now.”

Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, he serenaded the audience with crowd favorites, like “High As F%$#,” to never-before-heard compositions, like the one about dropping ecstasy with his Mom. He also compiled his favorite songs from childhood and set them to vintage acoustic chords and riffs, giving new soul to the Wu-Tang Clan.

To round out his repertoire, he included a song from FX’s The League, a comedy series in which Lajoie plays slacker pothead Taco. The song, called “The Birthday Song,” is about how you really came to be on this earth — your parents drank too much and forgot the necessary protection. In one episode, Taco sang it to his young niece, Ellie, at her birthday party.

The Athenaeum was apparently filled with Taco fanatics, “The Birthday Song” brought out a lot of cell phones to record the performance, and incited a drunken, venue-wide sing-along.

Lajoie finished on a high note with “Show Me Your Genitals.