I'm counting down the days until the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. 

I'm not a race fan in the fanatic sense. I've only been to the Indy 500 a handful of times. My memories center around listening to the race on the radio in the backyard while filling out the leading laps grid from the Indianapolis Star. 

I do love Indianapolis, tradition, and most of all a theme! Each day I will share a memory or tidbit of history.

Peanuts are/were considered bad luck in racing circles. 

I've read many theories, but I couldn't track down anything definitive. The ambiguous, long-standing superstition against eating peanuts dates back to at least the 1940s. 

The unconfirmed legend says that a crashed car was found with peanut shells in the cockpit.  Goobers weren't sold at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and other race tracks around the country, for decades. 

The myth has lost steam over the years. Since 2009 peanuts are sold at trackside concessions stands  Apparently salty snacks trump superstition.