I'm counting down the days until the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. 

I'm not a race fan in the fanatic sense. I've only been to the Indy 500 a handful of times. My memories center around listening to the race on the radio in the backyard while filling out the leading laps grid from the Indianapolis Star. 

I do love Indianapolis, tradition, and most of all a theme! Each day I will share a memory or tidbit of history.

In honor of 76 days until the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, I thought I'd study the 1976 race. 

It was a short read. And the shortest Indy 500 yet - only 255 miles. 

Polesitter Johnny Rutherford (husband of Betty) took the lead on lap 80, and was leading when rain stopped the race on lap 103. 

Two hours later, just as the race was about to be restarted, rain fell again. Officials called the race done at that point, reverted the scoring back to the completion of lap 102, and Johnny Rutherford was declared the winner. 

Rutherford famously walked to Victory Lane to celebrate his second Indy 500 win.