I'm counting down the days until the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. I'm not a race fan in the fanatic sense. I've only been to the Indy 500 a handful of times. My memories center around listening to the race on the radio in the backyard while filling out the leading laps grid from the Indianapolis Star. 

I do love Indianapolis, tradition, and most of all a theme!  Each day I will share a memory or tidbit of history.

And since I do love a theme, I feel like I need to start at 100 for the countdown, so let me catch you up. 

99 days before the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 I posed the question: Why is it called 'the running of' when we're speaking of automobile races?

My friends had theories ranging from that it was leftover from horse racing days to the fact that racers had to run to their cars in the early days of automobile racing. 

My smart friend Heather pointed out the origin of the word "running' is partly Germanic, "rennen," covering distance at a quick pace by legs or cart.

If anyone has another theory, please let me know.