Storytelling Arts of Indiana, Ellen Munds

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Storytelling Arts of Indiana, Ellen Munds

Storytelling Arts was founded in 1987 by Ellen Munds and husband and wife Bob Sander and Nancy Barton.

Storytelling … part theater, part concert, part primal communication. Storytelling is as old as humanity.

Storytelling Arts of Indiana brings this ancient artform to Indianapolis audiences with an annual storytelling festival and a season of local and national individual storytelling artists. Each one is enchanting. Some tell us their stories, some pass on stories from ancient cultures. Each one touches us.

Storytelling Arts was founded in 1987 by Ellen Munds and husband and wife Bob Sander and Nancy Barton. Their first Hoosier Storytelling Festival occurred in 1988, and since then the organizations has grown to reach audiences from Merrillville to Evansville and dozens of communities in between.

The idea began when the trio visited the storytelling festival in Corn Island in Louisville, and they were inspired to bring stories to Indiana. The intimate nature of the storytelling experience effected each of them deeply.

Since its inception, Storytelling Arts has become unique amongst a unique community: The only other story organization that runs a full season of tellers is in Washington, D.C.

The goal of Storytelling Arts isn’t just to entertain, but to get people telling their own stories as well. Be enthralled by a performance; perhaps be motivated to collect your own stories of family, friends, experiences, and pass them on.

As my favorite performing arts group in town, seeing Storytelling Arts of Indiana receive a Cultural Vision Award brings me the hope that more people in Indiana will be exposed to and experience the magic of the spoken story.

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— Lisa Gauthier

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