As we enter the year’s warmer months, what outdoor concerts and music-related events are you most looking forward to?
- Seth Johnson

What would you like me to write about in February and March?
- Dan Grossman

  • Randy Cantrell said:

    Proud of you, Dan. Keep up the good work. Would be great to circle back with Dr. T after things one day settle a bit to see what his thoughts …
  • Heather Moore said:

    Great interview, thank you! I heard Ingrid speak at a conference 27 years ago. It is largely because of her and materials that I received from…
  • Marianne Bessey said:

    Really enjoyed this book - so much that I bought my mom a copy! Guaranteed you will learn something new and respect animals for their own indi…
  • Crystal Silmi said:

    This inspiring book comes at a time when we need it the most. Humans are slowly awakening to the reality that our role is not to dominate all …
  • Craig Shapiro said:

    I've read this wonderful book and hope that others will, too. It's up to us to make a difference and "Animalkind" points the way,

  • Christina Matthies said:

    One thing I really like about this book is that it is *not* preaching to the choir. The book is accessible no matter how much you know about a…
  • Lucy Post said:

    Thank you for this interview! As we begin to understand our fellow Earthlings and view them as the intelligent individuals they are, it become…
  • Kim Marie said:

    I love how Animalkind makes us rethink our approach to coexisting with animals. Like the bit about how dogs' sense of smell is so superior tha…
  • Maria Reviello said:

    The stories shared here about animals' abilities are incredible. Animals are able to navigate the earth (without GPS), find love (without Tind…
  • jates jates said:

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