In 2019, we are making a concerted effort to engage with you, our readers.

We are actively soliciting your input for the type of journalism you want NUVO to produce this year.

We want your input in identifying stories, issues, topics, and problems relevant to Indianapolis readers, and we want you to help shape our priorities: What would you like to see us cover? What are you curious about when it comes to Indianapolis? What type of stories do think we should devote our resources to? What recent stories would you like us to dig deeper or follow up on?
We want your input beyond the suggestion box as well.

By keeping an eye on the stories we are working on, the ones that will be listed here on the City Committee page, you’ll have an opportunity to reach out to the writer eventually assigned to the piece and contribute to the storytelling process. Do you have experience or expertise you’d like to lend to the investigative process? Do you want to help gather information, compile data, or even copy edit a particular piece you’re interested in? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Start here, by posing your question in the provided box.
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We’re looking to you, our readers, to tell us what issues you think should be a priority in our news coverage of Indianapolis; what questions do you want answered, what stories should we tell?

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