Are you ready to take back your body and change your relationship with food? This cohort style coaching circle is a hands on approach to shedding the pounds, detoxing your body, but also digging deep into the emotional components of your eating and health habits. We will begin a new 90 day cohort August 1.  When you register, you will immediately get a 7 day assessment to examine your current habits, a detox diet guide, and details on what to do next.

The Food Fighters Women's Circle is a private membership and coaching experience that meets online through a private 7 a.m. Facebook Group and through Video conference calls with occasional meet ups for those in the Indianapolis area. 

This circle is $39 per month.  We typically do facebook live events the first 11 days in the mornings at 7 a.m., 8 a.m. on weekend mornings.  After 11 days, we go to weekly facebook lives, with daily private group interactions.  Register here

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  • Starting Wednesday, August 7th, 2019, repeated every day until Saturday, August 31, 2019 @ 7:30 am – 8:00 am


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