+Saturday (pronounced “Plus Saturday”) was created by the CCIC Artists in recognition of the demand of alternatives to First Friday. As the evening can become very crowded with many events throughout the city, having additional time to appreciate art and interact with artists has become a priority. Together, the two events become “First Friday + Saturday,” and allow visitors to the CCIC time to take in the work of the 90 artists throughout the building.

The Circle City Industrial Complex has become a destination for art appreciators and supporters of local work, with 90 artists throughout the building and the most dedicated art studio and gallery spaces in Indianapolis. Just northeast of the Mass Ave. Art and Theatre Cultural District, at 1125 Brookside Ave., the CCIC Artists First Friday +Saturday programming is a must-see stop, while events and viewable hours continue throughout the month.

The Main Entrance of the building (identified by its black marble façade) provides easy access to both the South Studios and the North Studios (with a wheelchair accessible ramp and elevator). Maps of the building are also available in several locations to help visitors find all that the building has to offer.

For more listings and event updates please visit https://ccicindyartists.wordpress.com, or the CCIC Artists Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/ccicartists


Schwitzer Gallery

Kassie Woodworth presents “Habits,” a solo show consisting of sculpture, printmaking, collage, and assemblage in the Schwitzer Gallery. Originally from northwestern Indiana, Woodworth earned her BFA in Sculpture from the Herron School of Art and Design. Through her work, she explores patterns, movement, nature, and, of course, habits that she’s observed. The Schwitzer Gallery is on the second floor of the North Studios.

Shelby Alexander

Mixed-media artist, illustrator and graphic designer Shelby Alexander will be opening her studio to the public and exhibiting her most recent body of large-scale mixed-media work, in addition to a series of miniature pieces that make for affordable gifts. A Notre Dame grad who also studied fashion at the Pratt Institute in NYC, Alexander works primarily with secondhand textiles to explore the ecological effects of fast fashion as the second largest polluter in the world. Shelby Alexander is located in Studio 42 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Arts & Images by Anthony Armstrong

Anthony Armstrong presents “I Got the Blues… A Study of the Color Blue: Both in Paintings and Photography.” Armstrong is a self-taught abstract painter and photographer. While often displaying mostly in monochrome, Armstrong’s photography captures the culture of the people and places as he’s traveled both domestically and internationally. “The absence of color often helps the viewer see the texture and life of a photograph,” said Armstrong. He also stretches his creative limbs into the world of mixed-media paintings, using abstract as his primary form of expression but also exploring minimalism, contemporary, and modern art. Anthony Armstrong is located in Studio B11 of the South Studios.


Roberta Avidor

Painter Roberta Avidor will open her studio to visitors, offering Oil paintings and watercolors showing people living and working in their communities. Working for decades as an advertising artist, she now uses those skills to create oil and watercolor paintings to celebrate people and places that are meaningful to Avidor. “When people visit my studio, I like to talk and show my process of creating a finished painting from preliminary sketches,” said Avidor. “There’s a story behind every one of my paintings. I would hope that visitors experience my work not just as onlookers, but as engaged participants in the subject matter.” Roberta Avidor is located in Studio 34 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Daily Epiphany Studio

Michele Burns and Kurt Kriese will share the evening in Studio B17. Kriese will show landscapes, large abstract paintings, and stained glass, while Burns will feature new “Nightlight Art,” photoluminescent paintings and mobiles painted with her own photoluminescent paint recipe that retains its glow all night long. The Nightlight Art paintings appear as one painting during daylight, and a different painting entirely in the dark. Daily Epiphany Studio B17 is located in the South Studios. https://www.instagram.com/daily_epiphany_studios_


Darkroom Revelations – Gallery C7A

Darkroom Revelations will host “Howard Bond: A Retrospective,” presenting  the work of the internationally-acclaimed photographer, Howard Bond, of Ann Arbor, MI, who has influenced thousands through his exhibits, workshops, and writings. Bond is now retired from his career in photography, and Darkroom Revelations celebrates his legacy and artistry by exhibiting work from private collections, many never displayed in this gallery before. Darkroom Revelations – Gallery C7A is located on the first floor of the North Studios. http://www.pottermoorefrassphotography.com/

Full Circle Nine Gallery

Full Circle Nine Gallery celebrates its two-year anniversary as an artist cooperative with “Friendship & Future,” a group show touching on both words as themes, but also looking back at the last two years and the journey that has kept old friends together while welcoming new friends to the fold. As they prepare to undertake a dramatic expansion of the gallery, the artists of the Full Circle Nine pause to reflect how far they’ve come. Full Circle Nine Gallery is located in the South Studios, in B21.


Carmen I. Hurt – indyRtist Studio/Gallery

Carmen I. Hurt, the “Internationally Unknown Artist” opens her studio and gallery in February with “Straight from the Heart: A Prelude to Valentine’s Day.” Known (or, “Unknown”) for her bright and vibrant oil paintings, Hurt will now showcase an eclectic collection of heart shaped jewelry. Carmen Hurt is located in the South Studios.

Indy Artsy

Home to ceramics artist Julie Edwards, Indy Artsy gathers together an eclectic collection of handmade items, from clothing, to jewelry, to soaps and snacks; making it easy to find the perfect gift. Indy Artsy is located on the first floor of the North Studios.



Dr. Larry Lad finds his own style in his studio space at the CCIC, working in recycled cardboard, Masonite, and plywood while collecting unique materials and assembling them “in different ways.” “Experimenting with a variety of media and images has given me freedom to just let go, coloring outside the lines,” said Lad, a management professor at Butler University by day. He describes himself as ‘committed to responsible capitalism and collaborative problem-solving, and describes his art as examining issues of sustainability and consumption in an alternative way than traditional research and publishing.’ “My work lives in the question about how the process of making art, whatever the medium or materials, teaches us about ourselves and how we work,” Lad said. “How is it that we change, learn, evolve, and find ways of expression ourselves as we journey through life?” LadArt is located in the first floor corridor of the CCIC, accessible through both the North and South Studios.

Patricia McCormick

Patricia McCormick, photographer, printmaker, and mixed media artist was raised in Cincinnati, OH and received her BA in Art History from Hanover College. McCormick now resides in the Indianapolis neighborhood of Irvington. Her art is varied in medium and subject but all of her work is rooted in her interest of how an image’s narrative and context change over time. McCormick draws on her own personal experiences, life events, and the objects associated with and created by these moments for her art making. She is currently contemplating meanings of feminine, definitions of womanhood, and transformation. McCormick’s studio is located in Studio C03 on the first floor of the North Studios.

Shaun M. Niles Gallery & Studios

Photographer Shaun M. Niles will present a body of his current work, gathered together for First Friday. “This will mark the first time since moving into the CCIC last October that I won’t have work exhibited at other venues,” Niles said. “All of my current work will be with me at the gallery; the perfect opportunity to see everything that’s ready to be delivered, in one stop.” Shaun M. Niles Gallery & Studios is located in S26 on the second floor of the North Studios.


Kristy Quinn

Sculptural artist Kristy Quinn turns any texture that meets her hands into a work of art, giving visitors a peek into her process. Kristy Quinn is located in S30 on the second floor of the North Studios.

RUCKUS Makerspace

RUCKUS Makerspace – Business Incubator will showcase their makers who will have a wide variety of handmade products available. RUCKUS Makerspace is on the north end of the CCIC, at Door G10, marked by a wooden sign.


Strung Handmade Décor

Rachel Ferguson will premiere geometric mountain artwork, along with a body of work fresh of a fall arts festival run. Ferguson creates her Strung work by combining nails and string along with hand-painted or cut wood shapes exploring the cosmos or views right here on Earth. Strung Handmade Décor is located on the second floor of the North Studios.


About the Circle City Industrial Complex Artists

The Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC) is a nearly half-million square foot industrial building, located at 1125 Brookside Ave., and was formerly home to the Schwitzer automotive company. Its industrial appeal remains and artists and artisans have made the space their home, carving cozy studio, work, and show spaces from the concrete and steel structure, and the CCIC Artists have grown in number to over 50 galleries, individual artists and artisans. The main artist entries are the North Studios entrance and the South Studios entrance, each marked with signage along Brookside Avenue. The CCIC provides free parking in a large lot, and is accessible by the Pogue’s Run Trail, connecting to the Monon Trail and the downtown Cultural Trail system. The complex also offers other art-supporting destinations such as the Centerpoint Brewery, Lick Ice Cream, and Ruckus Makerspace.

For more information on the building, please visit: http://circlecityind.com

For more information on the artists please visit: https://ccicindyartists.wordpress.com/



  • Occurred Friday, February 1st, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Occurred Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Circle City Industrial Complex

1125 Brookside Avenue
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