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Library of War




About Library of War

Operating since: 2018

A history of warfare in biographies, comments, and photos.
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More About Library of War

War is hell, as the saying goes. And as unfortunate as war has been as part of our civilization over the centuries, Library of War wants to apply a human touch and a story about the foxholes and hallowed grounds where soldiers fought and or died. Indeed, we want to provide many profound, deep elements concerning the subject of War and more. Whether it is that memorabilia picture of the American soldiers raising the American flag at Iwo Jima, or the American soldier kissing a nurse in Times Square on V-J Day, we want to put a name to a human face. Many soldiers lives may have been forgotten, but they did not die in vain — enter Library of War.

Our website provides warfare history, photos and also stories that cover many elements of military history. Although some military history sites cover everything from the animals, vehicles, weaponry, or aircraft that were used in a military campaign or battle, the Library of War covers the human elements. We want to provide a name to a face of the brutal World Wars and military battles of the modern age.

Indeed, the Library of War's mission is simple — we are showcasing military history throughout the history of civilization, regardless of the side or nation. Sharing stories, photos, and biographies for families, relatives, and friends of those who were victims or hero’s of war can participate in documenting their loved one's memories. It is one of many critical elements involved with creating and maintaining this website and our social media channels that focus on the same themes. And it is the impetus for why Library of War exists. We rely on contributions from YOU to make this website a real success.
We hope to make our website a one-source place for holding that vital information about deceased loved ones. Whether that soldier was MIA (Missing In Action), or KIA (Killed In Action), we know that it is an intensely personal thing. It's true. There has been a lot of frustration over the years by those military warfare aficionados and other researchers with the process of searching many websites on the Internet to find the names of soldiers or any pictures to connect with them and loved ones. Because it is difficult at times for military warfare researchers, we want to provide a solution to the issue with finding soldiers in many different wars.
Today, military warfare websites may lead researchers on a trail to a dead end. The fact that researchers have to search endlessly on websites to find any bits of information on Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors or the campaigns should never be the case.
We want to attract the loved ones of fallen soldiers to share their intimate and genuinely touching stories with us. We want to have many perspectives and hear stories from both sides of the fence. War is a human experience that deserves our time so that these events that involve a significant amount of lost life are remembered and shared.
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