Best of Indy 2010


The results of this year's 2010 Best of Indy poll are in and there is a lot to be proud of where our hometown is

concerned, which is why NUVO has been asking readers to brag on their local favorites since we began in March of 1990. And for just about each of those past 20 years, we've taken

an annual survey of the best places in Indy to eat, drink, shop and enjoy local arts and culture.

Nearly ten thousand of you cast your votes this year, making

the 2010 NUVO Best of Indy Reader's Poll the most successful in our two-decade history. With more than 110 voting categories, the total number of votes cast totals more than one million.

Astonishing. And revealing.

Turns out, sometimes the oldies are still the goodies—no matter how many times or how many people we ask. Bazbeaux Pizza, for example, has won as

the city's best pizza each year, since we first asked in 1991 and every year in between. That's pretty impressive considering the number of good alternatives that have come and gone over the years. You all also repeated most of your favorite local music choices this year; welcome back to Jennie DeVoe, Stereo

Deluxe, Zero Boys and the Mudkids!

Other local favorites have achieved a Hall of Fame status with

a good number of first place finishes in our Best of Indy poll over the years, as well, including superstars like Slippery Noodle Inn (29), Crackers Comedy Club (18), St. Elmo's Steakhouse (18), the Vogue (18) and the Alley Cat (15).

And speaking of local...

We've continued our efforts to keep the NUVO Best of Indy

contest focus on local people, places and things this year—and actually tightened the rules. While many,

many, MANY votes were cast for corporate, national, international and/or chain businesses—we didn't count them. As we stated in the rules on the voting site, only votes for locals count.

This isn't an easy rule to enforce, and we understand it

pisses some people off. But our logic is simple: You can go to any city in America and find an Applebees, Taco Bell, Target,

Whole Foods or LA Fitness that will provide you with essentially the same items and service as the Applebees, Target, Taco Bell, Whole Foods and LA Fitness in Indianapolis. We mean no disrespect or disparagement, we simply want to keep the focus on the Best of Indy – meaning locally owned and operated businesses and we will continue to ask you to vote for local choices only again next year.

So scroll through this section of the web site and read what we have to say about this year's winners, as well as winners from the past.

Or, you can download a pdf of the winners page here

Or download the entire issue as a pdf here

How ever you decide to read about the winners, we hope you'll

also take time to revisit an old favorite or discover something new. There are a lot of bests in Indy—and

lots of reasons to be proud of the hometown winners!


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