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We love to shop. Love. To. Shop. And so do you, Indy — that’s why you filled our Shopping category with all kinds of goodness. From delicious eats and drinks to home goods and gifts, our readers picks round all up kinds of stuff we honestly would like in our house right now. But we had a couple more to add to the ones you voted for, just in case you’re looking for some very … specific ... gifts. 

Best present to buy for your mom for Mother’s Day, her birthday, Christmas and everything in between — Global Gifts’ Peruvian finger puppets 

These little suckers are beyond cute: They’re basically magical. They’ve got lions, tigers and bears, of course, but also flamingos, falcons, whales and more. One of our moms has almost 70. By Christmas, she’ll have 80. 

Best local Etsy shop to treat yoself to something from — Lesley Saligoe Botanicals 

Herbal mist; cardamom lime sea salt soak; bliss balm aromatherapy all-natural salve; crescent moon bath bombs; soaps with GEM STONES IN THEM. Endulging in a gift from Lesley Saligoe’s personal care Etsy shop is the perfect way to detox from Trump’s Twitter rampages. She has 354 five star reviews. Do you really need to know any more?  

Best thing you keep seeing on Mass Ave and not buying — Silver in the City’s star lights 

They light up. They sparkle. They come in every color. You’ve wanted one since you went out on your 21st birthday and drunk-ate a bunch of Old Point Tavern nachos and saw them lighting up a window. 

Best place to buy an “I’m sorry I killed your plant” gift — Grounded Plant and Floral Co. 

This “urban garden center” can set you up with a staghorn fern, a.k.a. the most badass thing you can put on your wall. Seriously, though, Grounded can turn your house into a jungle, totally pimp out your wedding, and definitely furnish a “Damn, you really shouldn’t have put me in charge of watering your plants while you went on a honeymoon to Bermuda” apology gift. The shop is located downtown, on E. Michigan.  

Best local cashier — Anne at Duos Cafe  

NUVO ends up at Duos about three times a week. Each time, we’re checked out by Anne, slightly harassed about the size of our salad (that salad bar is too delicious) and sent off with a smile and a joke. Anne, NUVO loves you. 

Now for your picks: 

Best local liquor/wine store

Best local farm-to-fork grocer/merchant

Best local donut shop

Best local cupcake shop

Best local baker — of anything

Best local bookstore

Best local spot to buy/play board games

Best local arcade

Best bowling alley

Best local comic book shop

Best local record store

Best local florist

Best local home/gift store

Best local bike store

Best local bank/credit union

Best local auto dealer

Best local hair salon

Best local barber or place for a men's cut

Best local spa

Best local clothing store for women

Best local clothing store for men

Best local vintage clothing store

Best local antique store

Best local gym/fitness joint

Best local yoga studio

Best local attorney

Best local realtor

Best local apartment complex

Best local dentist

Best local eye doctor

Best local hospital

Best local animal hospital

Best Indiana college/university

Best local tattoo/piercing studio

Best local smoke/head shop

Best local vape shop

Best adult toy store


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