BestofIndy 17
Every year a few deserving winners are edged out by other deserving winners. It’s bound to happen in a city with so many amazing people, places and things. Therefore we take it upon ourselves to highlight our faves that fell a few votes short, many of mine being social media or outdoors related, because both of those things are close to my heart.
Best personalty to decide is your adopted uncle  Tracy Forner 
Need some slightly above average advice on what to wear to a social mixer? Got last minute tickets to a show at whatever the Noblesville venue is called these days and can’t find anyone to go? Or maybe you just want to kick back and enjoy a few beers at the local watering hole? Ring up the Indy Style host, he’s your guy. 
Best place for a picturesque photoshoot — Holliday Park’s ruins
Opening late last year after being closed for nearly two decades, the ruins provide the perfect backdrop for family photos, graduation photos, engagement photos … you get the idea. Bonus if you’re lucky enough to catch it during a sunset. 
Best Instagram account to follow if you love the outdoors — Natural Indiana 
From Indiana Dunes in the north to Clifty Falls in the south, this account has a great collection of photos from Indiana State Parks, recreation areas, lakes and more. A few weeks following this page and you’ll want to grab your camera, lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails. 
Best Social Media Editor for an Indy publication other than ours — Allison Carter 
There’s a reason you see IndyStar stories on your Facebook feed and Twitter timeline at all times every day of the year, Allison is that reason. When she’s not keeping you up to date on all things Indianapolis, she’s writing stories for the “this isn’t news” beat, which, in her defense, is a beat because people click on the stories at an insane rate.
Best instagrammable bathroom — Nada 
In the lady’s, it’s all pink and black and chandeliers and awesomeness. In the gentlemen’s, it’s dinosaurs fighting aliens. Break out your phone while you’re trying to avoid your terrible Tinder date (she didn’t seem nearly as obsessed with her dog via text …) and selfie away, bro. 
Best monthly meetup to pretend you care about meeting new people — Circle City Connect’s Around Town
Do you REALLY want to engage in another awkward first conversation and then lie to get away when things go downhill quickly? Us either. But these are a great excuse to drink beer on Tuesday night and explore different places throughout the city. 
Best nonprofit that also doubles as a concert promoter — Second Helpings
Second Helpings helps hungry Hoosiers by rescuing unwanted food and providing more than 4,000 meals daily. They also run a Culinary Job Training program that prepares disadvantaged adults for careers in the foodservice industry. They also put on one of Indy’s best concerts, Tonic Ball, which sells out every year.

Now for your picks: 

Best neighborhood or cultural district

Best house of worship

Best local place to volunteer

Best local non-profit

Best local charitable event

Best local political activist

Best local professional networking group

Best local radio personality or personalities

Best local TV station

Best local TV anchor or reporter

Best local sportscaster

Best local weatherperson

Best local Twitter feed

Best local Instagram account

Best local personality you'd want at your next kegger

Best local personality you'd want at your next dinner party


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