Daredevil Hall

Daredevil Brewing proves its expansion mettle with sizzle at a new space, Daredevil Hall, bringing forward Michael and Shane Pearson’s passion for “craft beer and inspired food.” The seasonal menu features craft beer inspired foods from around the world and will rotate with locally sourced ingredients abetted by Daredevil brews.

The feel at 2721 E. 86th St., at the west end ground-floor space of Ironworks Hotel, is an American beer hall inspired by beer centric restaurants the Pearson's have enjoyed visiting around the world. With a mix of long tables lined in a rectangular open dining space "the Hall", as it is casually referred to, provides a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

In addition, one of Indy's best known chefs, Neal Brown, joined Daredevil Hall as the Executive Chef to bring the vision and inspiration for the menu to reality.

At the series of soft openings leading to the Jan. 31 grand opening, each guest was handed one of four possible menus. Our collective input would be used to provide refinement as they prepared to open.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with cherries, mustard and pecorino [an Italian cheese made from ewes’ milk] was my hands down favorite. It’s an appetizer for two or three, or a lunch unto itself with just about any beer choice. From my menu sheet, I thought the Brewer Steak Sandwich would provide an idea of what an Indy standard would taste like. This version provides a heap of grilled ribeye amidst a blend of fresh horseradish aioli, onion jam, and cornichon that didn’t identify the Daredevil beer as the small cucumber’s souring source. A pint of Pilsner matched well.

My friend’s menu offered Midwest Fish Fry. The lightly battered filet, with malt vinegar and herb tartar sauce, plus sides of coleslaw and fries, also was more than plentiful. He opted for sampling a variety of beers.

I admit to visiting friends at other tables to politely ‘taste’ their options. Everything provided a tantalizing blend, particularly an upscale child-friendly three beer cheese spaetzle—there’s not enough beer content to tipsy a three-year-old. So, a nod of thank you to Executive Chef  Neal Brown.

The beer menu offers full descriptions and serving sizes under five heads including American, German, English, and Shandy inspired ales and lagers. Wines by the glass represent Italy, Spain, California and Oregon. The 21+ tap room bar is a replica of Daredevil’s Speedway Tap Room, pouring a lineup of Daredevil regulars, specials and seasonals, along with guest beers and ciders.

Find more information at daredevilbeer.com/thehall


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