Visual arts: Old & New: Various Artists

"Blare" by Jerry Mannell is on exhibit at the Harrison.


& New: Various Artists


Center for the Arts




show, per the title, both contained work familiar and new to the gallery but it

was mostly the "new" work that caught my eye. That is, I was struck most

strongly by work by artists I've never heard of before. In Jerry Mannell's

"Blare" (oil on canvas) an old time radio juts out of what appears to be a

painter's palette. Said painting at once acknowledges early 20th century modernism while

blaring out a visual approximation of a jazz performance. Cameron Welch, in the

painting "Rodya's Fabricated Fissure" also used traditional media on canvas

(oil and pencil) but the finished product looks as if Dali resurrected himself

from the dead to make screensavers featuring landscapes with rainbow-banded

skies while Welch's "Where the Earth Curves or Sara Gets New Underwear,"

features both the curves of the earth and the curves of Sara blending together

under brooding, purplish clouds of stars. After seeing these two

paintings I thought to myself; Don't let anyone tell you there's nothing new

under the sun when it comes to art. Through July 30; 317-396-3886,


Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.