Unemployment? Check.

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Three Dollar Bill Comedy Company


Sept. 18 and Sept. 25, 10 p.m.

When they were good, they were on fire, but on the infrequent occasions when they were bad, the best they could hope for was scattered applause against the quiet chirping of crickets, off in the distance. Unemployment? Check. is very much a hit-or-miss show, but fortunately most of the skits in the 125 minutes were hits. They could have shaved off half an hour if not for a handful of multi-scene skits which stubbornly push forward and come back full-circle to conclusion (sometimes in painfully foreseeable fashion). Three Dollar Bill is at its best when the characters and dialogue within the skits drive the humor, rather than relying on a "cute" premise. With a little trimming of the fat, it would have been a nearly perfect show. The troupe's resident female comedian, Claire Wilcher, was outstanding in her confidence with the characters she played - tactfully placing precedence on the substance of her delivery, rather than relying on the absurdity of the scene or a silly voice to generate laughter. Will Pfaffenberger was also exceptional with his range of characters and anchored the show by subtly turning basic scenes into exceptional skits, even when playing the straight man. Their last run at ComedySportz was not a fluke; though leaving room for development, TDBC is still the best local comedy act in town. For information: ThreeDollarBillComedy.com; ComedySportz.com.

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