"Herron Juried Student Show

Herron Galleries, Herron School of Art and Design

Through June 3

A signature of the winding down of the art season is the annual Herron student show; once dubbed the Senior Show, now all Herron students are welcome to submit work for consideration. A guest curator makes selections, and the show therefore has the potential for a more cohesive presentation.

Christopher West, curator of the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, offered his expert eye this year; his selections may or may not be inclusive of the whole of Herron’s output, but in the case of the 2007 Juried Student Show, West has pulled together an impressive, and broad, selection of Herron student work, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, furniture design, printmaking and photography (and relatives video and installation). All media (and their respective departments) are alive and well at Herron: Students are producing consistently high quality work, if this show is any indication. Some of the more staid offerings, such as drawing and painting, are along conventional lines, and there are one or two clichéd works, but the sore thumbs are almost nonexistent.

Media and materials are respectably varied. A two-dimensional work by Cynthia Hinant, “Hibernating Bear Dream Scape,” is comprised of unicorn, airplane and bluebird stickers, and of course the bear, walking through the sticker dreamscape. This is decidedly low-tech and deceptively simplistic — and worthy of a smile. Other less conventional materials included thumbtacks, eggshells and black cardboard boxes that resemble high-end takeout containers; but such oddities weren’t the norm.

Furniture alone could have comprised its own exhibition. Herron students are at the top of their form here. Dave Ketterman’s “Cherry Cabinet” stands out with a tree image etched into the glass door, the drawer pulls inside comprising its blossoms; and Jason Ramey’s untitled table is both lyrical and simple with gently swooping legs holding up a table top from behind.

Ceramic work offered more winners: Amy Bowles’ “Untitled,” a collection of pods within pods, is as delicate as paper; the piece earned Bowles “Best of Show” in ceramics.

Wendy Barrett’s “Final Moment — Herron School of Art” is expertly painted Hopper-style but with a decidedly brighter palette; a closed door ushers the eye down an empty corridor, a person silhouetted behind it, with a single open door along the hallway suggesting future possibility.

Finally, but certainly not least, among the many works that deserve mention, David Finnegan’s mixed media triptych offers a layered cityscape including structural/ architectural elements and Plexiglas overlays; a moon hovers with its own black shadow and smoggy clouds hang heavy among the buildings with structures rendered in overlapping perspectives — among these, an outsized power line in the foreground is almost beautiful.

The Juried Alumni Show runs concurrently. For more information call 317-278-9419 or visit www.herron.iupui.edu. Note summer hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon to 5 p.m.