Bruce Campbell brings his new film to IndyPaul F. P. Pogue

Late night, Key Cinemas. Bruce Campbell, star of such classics as Evil Dead and Army of Darkness, cameo star of both Spider-Man films, and staple of many a Sci-Fi Channel Original, is on hand in Indianapolis to preside over the premiere of his directorial debut, The Man With the Screaming Brain, and promote his latest book, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. Bruce Campbell holds comeone's "Giant Size Man Thing." Thirty years later and that comic title still gets a laugh.

The book is a farcical romp through Hollywood in which Campbell name-drops the names of about a hundred people he's probably never met. It starts out with him getting a role in an A-list picture with Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger and Christopher Plummer. As things escalate he gets into scraps, turns the situation in an ever-more-B-grade movie, and gets gangpiled by Secret Service for allegedly assaulting Colin Powell. But it all turns out okay.

Along the way he peppers the story with anecdotes of his real adventures — losing a role to Robert Patrick, the difficulty of getting old buddy Sam Raimi on the phone after Spider-Man, the heartbreak of his barely-there role in McHale's Navy — which makes it even more fun to try to keep up with the farce. "This book started out as nonfiction, and then it turned into fiction," Campbell noted. "It's a very strange procedure."

Here's a few of the highlights from the Q & A preceding the movie:

Nuvo: What's the word on Evil Dead 4?

Campbell: Your job is to call Sam Raimi and tell him to do Evil Dead 4 instead of Spider-Man 3. Good luck! We might remake Evil Dead. We feel entitled that we can rip off our own series. Ashton Kutcher's gonna star in it. Wouldn't you like to see him raped by a tree?

Nuvo: Any chance of a third book?

Campbell: We have to see how many the second book sold. Creative decisions are often dictated by economic reality.

Nuvo: What are the possibilities of a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash movie?

Campbell: Freddy vs. Jason Vs. Ash? Man, I hope so. Let's really hope so. Let's look at that realistically for a minute. Where would it take place, Gary, Indiana? Where did these characters come from? Where do they go? What are the rules? There's no reason for Ash to be in it unless he can kill both their doughy asses. That was a five minute conversation with New Line that's gonna haunt me forever, because it got out on the Internet.

Nuvo: Would you ever turn down a role from Sam Raimi?

Campbell: It's never occurred to me before. Maybe I should start doing that!

Nuvo: What would we have to do for you to give us one Evil Dead one-liner?

Campbell: I'd have to be your little monkey first! Just play the DVD!

Nuvo: What's the most bizarre thing you've ever had to autograph?

Campbell: I've had to sign about a dozen cabin rocks that people got from the original cabin - on private property in RURAL TENNESSEE. You're lucky you didn't get your ass full of buckshot. STAY AWAY FROM THAT PROPERTY. You're gonna get killed and we're gonna get sued.

Campbell wrapped up his evening with an appeal on behalf of the Key and other art cinemas: "If you don't support this type of theater, you will be stuck with the following: Dukes of Hazzard, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Tim Burton on his second remake, by the way, Mr. Creative Director, Bad News Bears from the 1970s, Bewitched from the 1960s, The Honeymooners from the 1950s, War of the Worlds from the EIGHTEEN HUNDREDS, and Herbie the Love Bug, where they've made so many that I'VE done a Herbie the Love Bug."


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