The 2010 April Show


322 North Arsenal Ave., April 30

Four stars

It's a pleasure to find an art venue that both serves a good

cause — in this case providing wall space for artists who've overcome

challenges in their lives — and attracts a plethora of talent. Brian

Duff's "Field Sweat" (oil on linen) depicts a field under an open sky but also

does more than just that. The broad, expressive brushstrokes and occasional

bursts of primary colors seem to reflect the state of mind of the artist as

much as any landscape that might have originally been the inspiration for this

painting. Kevin Johnson's acrylic painting series "Passion Fish" takes its

inspiration from a National Geographic Magazine that he just happened to thumb

through one day. In Passion Fish#4, the bright seascape that the colorful fish swim through has an

almost angular element, as if you're viewing this scene through a prism. Last

Friday night's April Show was also a something of a prism, showcasing a rainbow

variety of work that you might not otherwise see in the plain light of day.

— Dan Grossman


Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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